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The user feedback that we are getting has been most encouraging. People are saying great things related to their eClinic experience.

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User feedback comments

You just do not know what this means to me

“Dear Dr Ford, – I thought you might like to have my boy’s biopsy results (positive for celiac!) for your records / research. Now, gluten-free, he is finally a happy little boy who now has the energy to do what all 3 years need to do.”
“Our other boy was unfortunately unable to have his biopsy, but he has made AMAZING progress since being gluten free. So we don’t care that he doesn’t have a “official” diagnosis. He is a different boy! We are so pleased! He is now indistinguishable from his peers, attends preschool every day and just loves it! He has an amazing “joy de vive” and I think he just appreciates having his health back to normal and to finally have the opportunity to keep up with his friends and meet the expectations of those around him (although he could never put that into words).”
“I feel strongly about spreading the word about the benefits of being gluten free and quite often get the chance to share our journey with parents of children who are battling with their kids health problems.”
“You just do not know what this means to me as a mother.”
Wishing you all the best. Katrina.

eClinic is absolutely wonderful

“Your e-clinic is absolutely wonderful! I used it over the summer for my 3 year old (after 2 years of visits with various specialists, dozens of tests, too many prescriptions to count and no answers)…after 15 minutes on your e-clinic, I had a list of things go over with his pediatrician, including the printed letters from you and that is when we finally discovered his egg allergy and casein intolerance. Just 2 weeks off of those foods and his severe eczema and cradle cap were 100% gone! You are blessing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do.” Heidi.

 Now my son is on a gluten-free diet

Mum says: “thank you for your help – took it to the doctor now my son is on a gluten-free diet. We think he also has problems with colours and additives we going try him off those also.”

Comment: Thanks for your feedback. Pleased that I could be of help. Excellent. Yes off colours/ additives is a good move. Please give another update in the future.

 I finally knew what to test him for

“Dr. Ford: I am so deeply thankful to you for your brilliant work and your crusade to teach people about the complexity and enormity of this condition, the difference you’ve made just my own family’s life is unquantifiable.

After 3 years of different medical specialists, steroid treatments, etc. (and no answers) I used your eClinic for my youngest son this past summer and due to the information I received regarding his symptoms, I finally knew what to test him for and the results were astonishing: non-celiac gluten sensitivity, an IgE egg white protein allergy and an IgG casein allergy.

3 weeks off of egg and dairy (he was already GF) and his painful eczema and cradle cap were 100% gone! He’s a completely different child now and can finally just enjoy being a kid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Heidi.

He now has 95% clear skin

Michelle wrote: “Just thought I would add to the list of fed-up-parents who are having problem with doctors. We have had 8-months-of-hell with eczema. Our son had raise lymph nodes for months, and I kept taking him to doctors saying something is wrong plus his eczema got worse as the year progresses. We made/demanded the doctor test for glandular fever, then found your website and book. He then got tested for gluten. (results put into your eClinic). Then we insisted on going private to have the allergy tests recommended. Found out 3 weeks ago he was allergic to eggs and nuts! Removed all food containing them. He now has 95% – clear skin. Many thanks for a great book and we are spreading the word here and back in the UK.” Thanks again, Michelle.

(My comments:I am please that I could be of help to your son. Glad that he is now sorted out. Yes, I set up the eClinic to help families like yours. Unfortunately, many medical practitioners are still in the dark-age when it comes to diagnosing and managing allergy/ intolerances to foods. The purpose of the eClinic is to help parents and doctors through the process. And it seems to work!

We are continuing to add information and improve the process. I am a paediatrician and allergist (not a web-geek), so it takes time to get it all going perfectly.
Again thank you for your encouraging comments. Cheers, Dr Rodney Ford.)

 You’re doing a great thing by helping all of these individuals

Troy writes on Facebook: “You’re doing a great thing by helping all of these individuals. What sucks though is that they can’t get it through to their doctors. I had the same issues here. They just don’t know enough.”

(Comment: Thanks Troy, that is exactly the problem. Lots of doctors are not sure how to investigate food allergy/ food intolerance/ gluten problems. So that is why I have set up this self-service program (eClinic). I am in the process of improving the accompanying “letter to your doctor” which guides the doctor through the diagnosis pathways).”

 Gluten and celiac test confusion

“I have read most of the information on your website. I took your recommendations to my Doctor who ordered the blood tests. I specifically asked for the Gliadin IgG test. My doctor tells me that this is the same as the DGP-IgG test to which my daughter tested negative.
Please advise if these are the same or different tests. I am extremely frustrated as the information you give makes sense, but I cannot seem to be able to have a knowledgeable discussion with a Dr here. Your advice would be very much appreciated.”  Belinda.

(Comment: Sorry that this is so complicated. That is why I have set up the eClinic, to give you and many others the details. DGP and gliadin antibody tests are COMPLETELY different tests. DGP (Deamidated Gliadin Antibody) looks for evidence of tissue damage. The IgG-gliadin antibody (or called Anti-gliadin Antibody) looks for evidence of gluten sensitisation. Hope that you can get the correct tests done).

This is fully explained in the “Hyperlinks” and in the eClinic Management Guide eBook.

 Doing very well, grateful

“Our two children are both still doing very well on a gluten-free diet and we are very grateful for the services and information you have provided, it has made a massive positive impact on both of them. Thanks very much. Kind regards.” Kirsten.

Battling with doctors: difficulties in getting tests done

“I have been through the eClinic and got recommended the tests to have done on my son but I have been battling the doctors and so forth. I’m at a loss of what to do. How long is the [waiting] list to see you because at this rate I’d fly down for an appointment to get my son seen to by someone who actually knows what he would need and would help him.”
(Comment: one of the biggest hurdles for people is to get the recommended tests ordered by their Doctor. This is a matter of ongoing education.)

 Would like to ask one more question

I have just completed the Allergy profile for Ben and will see our GP this week to ask if she will order the suggested blood tests. I would like to ask one additional question. Will the blood tests indicate other allergies as well as Gluten If not, any other suggestions Thanks. Julie.

(Comment: we aim to answer all questions that have been generated by the eClinic process. It seems that everyone is satisfied by this. The eClinic cannot completely replace a face-to-face allergy consultation. But it can start the diagnostic ball rolling.)

 eClinic very useful

“Hi Dr Ford, I have taken part in your eClinic which I found very useful in understanding more about what is happening for my baby at the moment. I would appreciate any advice you have …”

(Comment: She went on to ask a more detailed question about gastric reflux medications this has been answered).

 Facebook discussions very helpful

“It would be good if the link to Dr Ford’s facebook page was more obvious. We found the discussions on facebook very helpful.”

(Comment: Dr Ford is currently answering your questions on Facebook, through the discussion pages. So set up a “discussion” and have your questions talked about in a forum setting. Dr Ford answers questions on Facebook.)

 Thanks for the eClinic

“Thanks for the eClinic. It’s marvellous having such a useful resource that’s backed by so much hard research and experience. We might make some progress at last. By the way, I’m an IT consultant so I understand the teething problems with any complex software based endeavour. Thanks.”

(Comment: We are working to give you the best experience possible. It has taken time to get everything working smoothly. Any feedback that we get is appreciated. I am a paediatrician – I am not a web guy, but doing the best I can. Thank you).

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Dr Rodney Ford