FAQ eClinic

Hopefully I have answered most of your questions here. I am often asked “Why set up the eClinic?” Here are the FAQ eClinic answers.

Why set up the eClinic?

Dr Ford has set up the eClinic for people who are unable to see him (for geographical and/or financial reasons).
It is impossible for Dr Ford to see everyone who wants to see him face-to-face. There just isn’t the time in the day. So the only practical solution is this eClinic.

  • 25% of people have some sort of allergy or intolerance – they need expert help.
  • 10% of the world (half a billion people), or more, are adversely affected by The Gluten Syndrome; but they are unaware of it.
  • The eClinic Project is to awaken these people to their illness and offer them a solution.

All of these people need this information – but accurate medical help is often not available locally.

The eClinic is to inform the world about Food Allergy/intolerance and The Gluten Syndrome to help these hundreds of millions of people at last feel well again. The only way to achieve this is through ‘cyberspace’.

The purpose of this eClinic is to help your children (or you) get better if there is a health problem which has not been sorted out yet. The eClinic concept is to give Dr Rodney Ford’s specialist paediatric advice through your medical practitioner.

  • Expert allergy help is difficult to access. The purpose of the eClinic is to breakdown this barrier.?Now everyone can have instant access to professional medical allergy help.
  • By setting up the eClinic, Dr Rodney Ford has allowed access to appropriate blood tests, diagnostic systems and specific treatment plans – for everyone who has access to a computer.
  • Dr Ford wants to help meet the need of the third of the population who have undiagnosed allergy problems. We hope that you find the eClinic useful, like so many others.
  • Dr Ford has set up the eClinic for people who are unable to see him (for geographical and/or financial reasons).

We hope that you find the eClinic useful, like so many others.

How much does it cost?

What is the fee? The fee is US$9.99/per person for a 3-month period.

It is a 3-month subscription – you can return to the eClinic as many times as you want during the 3 months of your active subscription. This time limit is to make sure that the symptoms and the test results are in the same time frame. However, even after your subscription has expired, you can still view and print your Allergy eReport and Test Results at any time.
Your yearly (3-month) subscription covers:

  • Your individual eClinic consultation management advice (in collaboration with your health practitioner).
  • Expert interpretation of blood tests and skin tests.
  • Full access to all of the “eClinic InfoLinks”.
  • Access to Dr Ford’s research papers and articles.
  • Opportunity to submit your own story and feedback on Food Allergy/Intolerance issues.

What are Dr Ford’s Qualifications?

  • Associate Professor, Former (University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine).
  • MD (Doctorate in Medicine) 1982. MD Thesis: Ford RPK. “Food hypersensitivity in children: Diagnostic approaches to milk and egg hypersensitivity.” MD Thesis NSWU.
  • FRACP (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians – in Paediatrics) 1981.
  • MB BS (Honours, NSWU, Australia) 1972.
  • ASM (Accredited Speaker Member of the National Speakers Association, NZ).
  • Specialist Paediatrician, Gastroenterologist, Allergist and Nutrition Consultant.
  • Director of Children’s Clinic and Allergy Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Professional Speaker.
  • Director of the eClinic Project.
  • Director of the Doctor Gluten Project.
  • Author on food, food allergy, Gluten Syndrome and gluten-related disorders, and nutrition issues.

Can you trust Dr Ford’s opinion?

This is a key question. I hope that you can trust me intros area of my expertise. I have designed the eClinic process along the lines of my Clinic experiences.

  • Dr Rodney Ford is a Paediatric Specialist, Gastroenterologist and Nutrition Consultant. He has 30 years of experience in working in clinics in general paediatrics, gastroenterology and food intolerance/allergy. He is a world authority on the Gluten Syndrome. He is the medical brains behind the eClinic Project.
  • His patients at his “Children’s Clinic and Allergy Centre”, in Christchurch, New Zealand, highly respect his caring and management of their children.
  • He has extensively published and presented on the areas of nutrition, food allergy, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, the gluten syndrome, and eczema.
  • Dr Ford has also pioneered work in cot death (SIDS), breastfeeding, smoking cessation in pregnancy and apnoea.
  • Dr Ford, with Chris Ford and Liz Fazakarley, have written over 10 books on food allergy, gluten and nutritional health to inform on the adverse affects of food on our health. These books are easy to read and extremely informative.
  • He is the first to describe The Gluten Syndrome.

Dr Ford has now created the eClinic so that he can help and benefit even more people.

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, Dr Ford guarantees the eClinic Process.

Dr Ford guarantees that if you are dissatisfied with his advice given through the eClinic, then he offers you a money-back-guarantee (he will ask you to describe your satisfaction, so that he can learn to give an even better experience for other people).

  • Dr Ford’s management and interpretations are based on sound scientific medical research and observations.
  • Dr Ford makes his research findings available to you on the “Research” pages of this webpage.
  • Dr Ford is a fully qualified Paediatric Allergy and Gastroenterology Specialist.
  • Dr Ford holds a current “Practicing Certificate” from the Medical Council of New Zealand.
  • Dr Ford holds current membership of the “Royal Australasian College of Physicians” (FRACP).

Expert in food allergy?

Yes, Dr Rodney Ford is an expert in food allergy. He says, “It makes me sad to see so many people who have suffered for years with undiagnosed food reactions. This is terrible! I want people to know that a lot of their ill health might be caused by unrecognised food intolerance reactions, especially gluten.”

This website has been set up to help you with the step-by-step management process. The eClinic concept is to give his specialist paediatric advice through your medical practitioner.

He runs a busy Children’s Clinic: Dr Ford currently runs “The Children’s Clinic” in Christchurch, New Zealand, which specialises in childhood allergies, food sensitivities and gastroenterology. He is an accomplished author and professional speaker. He is a passionate advocate for food allergy and intolerance sufferers – everywhere.

The eClinic has been designed to help you

Every day in his clinic he sees children and adults who unknowingly suffer from symptoms caused by the foods they are eating. Dr Ford’s goal is to help his patients – and now you – to understand how food can make you unwell. His passion is to help people all over the world though his eClinic.

How is your own doctor involved?

Your own health practitioner has a central role in the eClinic Process.
The eClinic does not have any patients, it only can give advice that you and your own health professional can follow, if appropriate. When you have done your eClinic consultation, you get your “Allergy Profile eReport”. You are asked to take this to your own doctor/health professional who can then assist you with the treatment of your problems.

You own health practitioner will need help with:

  • Getting your physical examination.
  • Organising the recommended blood tests and/or skin prick tests.
  • Arranging any special milk formulas.
  • Having appropriate medications prescribed.
  • Organising any X-rays or endoscopy.
  • Referral to any relevant specialists or dieticians.

You might like to ask your doctor to help you enter the blood tests results into “Test Results” at the eClinic. The eClinic concept is to give Dr Ford’s specialist paediatric and allergy advice through your medical practitioner. You will not be our patient.

How to use this eClinic?

You can use this eClinic website in several ways.

  • Browse the vast information content to understand the concepts about allergy, food allergy/intolerance.
  • Log-on and become a registered member (this is free of charge).
  • Go to the eClinic: have your individual “allergy consultation” with the eClinic, where you can create your own personal allergy profile (called “Your eReport” which will take you about 20 minutes to do.
  • Follow Dr Ford’s “Blog” where he tells you about his latest ideas, about his patients and new research.
  • Participate in discussions on the Blog and Facebook Forum.

What is an eClinic “InfoLink”?

There are thousands of pieces of information on the eClinic website. This can be overwhelming. To make the information relevant to your individual needs, Dr Ford has arranged his advice in “InfoLinks”.

  • When he gives his opinion or interpretation, he has linked this to more in-depth articles that you can read by just a click (a hyperlink).
  • To help you even more, he has also collected all of these “InfoLinks” together in his eBook: “Food Allergies: What Symptoms?“
  • This eBook is given to you free, if you have registered and paid for the eClinic (the free “Smashwords” code is given to you in an email)
  • Also you get for free this ebook: “Food for food allergy”. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/132800

Who should use the eClinic program?

If you have any symptoms on “The Big List”, then the eClinic can help you with diagnosis and management.
You should go to the eClinic if you want help to unravel your on-going health problems.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Eczema/ rashes
  • Tummy pain/ bloating
  • Constipation/ diarrhoea
  • Irritability/ tiredness
  • Headache/migraine
  • Learning problems/ behaviour issues

Huge numbers of people have undiagnosed food allergy/intolerance and gluten sensitivity. The eClinic can help you work out whether you also might have a problem.

Do you think there is something wrong with your child – but you do not know what?
Does your child (or you) have symptoms – but you are unsure what to do next?
Do you suspect a food allergy/intolerance – but do not know how to get qualified and knowledgeable medical help?

These are some of the reasons to go to the eClinic.

I hope that you have found these comments useful

Dr Rodney Ford