Benefits | Guarantee

Your benefits, value and guarantee, when you use the eClinic, are very important. I want to ensure that you feel confident about the eClinic process and quality of information. The Benefits | Guarantee from the eClinic is very important to know about before you can fully trust the system.

Benefits | Guarantee

  • Expert opinion on-line.
  • No waiting list (immediate expert allergy/ intolerance help).
  • Specific guidance for diagnosis and management.
  • Recommendations about specific tests (what tests to get).
  • Interpretation of specific tests results (exactly what they mean).
  • Your detailed allergy eReport makes it easy to discuss specific allergy/intolerance issues with your health provider.


  • A face-to-face allergy consultation usually costs over $300.
  • Your visit to the eClinic is less that 10% of that cost.
  • A saving of over 90%.

What you get

  • A 3-month subscription.
  • Individualised virtual eClinic consultation management advice.
  • Expert interpretation of blood tests and skin tests.
  • Full access to all of the eClinic InfoLinks.
  • Invitation to Dr Ford’s forum on Facebook, where you can ask Dr Ford your specific questions.
  • Access to Dr Ford’s research papers and articles.


  • We guarantee the eClinic Process. If you are dissatisfied with the level of guidance given through the eClinic, then we offer you a money-back-guarantee (we will ask you to describe your dissatisfaction, so that we can learn to give an even better experience for other people).
  • Dr Ford is a fully qualified Paediatric Allergy and Gastroenterology Specialist, he holds a current ?Practicing Certificate? from the Medical Council of New Zealand, and he holds current membership of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP).