Gluten-related disorder outline

Dr Rodney Ford launched his new book in October 2014 with a series of presentations in the USAGluten-related disorder: sick? tired? grumpy?ebook available at http://www.glutenrelateddisorder.comOutline of keynote presentation by Dr Rodney FordWith over 35 years of experience as a pediatrician looking after sick children, I have come to the conclusion that much of their sickness stems from adverse reactions to the food they are … [Read more...]

Gluten Brains – eBook

Gluten Brains: the brain–grain connection. Price: $2.99 USD. Published 2012.  Dr Rodney Ford.Yes, brains and nerves can get damaged by gluten. Medical research reveals that gluten commonly causes:Nerve damage, Brain disease, Mental disturbance, Learning disorders, Fatigue, Poor growth.But most sufferers from gluten-harm remain completely unaware of it! Read the stories of gluten-suffering and ‘miracle cures’ by … [Read more...]