Eczema! Cure It! – book review

It has been my distinct pleasure to apply the principles and steps, as outlined in Dr. Rodney Ford's new book, Eczema Cure It! to my work with many of my clients and readers who experience eczema. All of these adult clients who tried this process have reported dramatic improvements in their eczema just from following Dr. Ford's steps. This very readable new book launched upon the ocean of eczema-driven despair may stem the tide of this … [Read more...]

Full of it! – Ron Hoggan book review

Book Review: Dr. Rodney Ford is not Full of it! Dr. Rodney Ford is not Full of it! by Ron Hoggan, Ed. D. A compelling new idea has dawned on the medical/scientific horizon. Dr. Rodney Ford, a pediatric gastroenterologist in New Zealand who calls himself "doctorgluten" on the Internet, has come up with a startling hypothesis that synthesizes and makes sense out of a wide range of otherwise confounding findings in the "celiac"and gluten … [Read more...]

Great books – explain very well

Great books - explain very well Dear Dr Ford, Thanks very much for talking to me recently and for forwarding copies of your books. They are most appreciated and will help me with patients who want to know more about gluten and allergies in relation to their health. They are great books and explain things very well. This is an area that was not well covered in Medical School or in my recent GP training. Thanks very much. Kind regards, Dr … [Read more...]

Skype consultation

Many people have been asking for a detailed discussion with Dr Ford, but they are unable to travel to his Clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand. To meet this need, Dr Ford has agreed to "see" a limited number of people on Skype.  This service will give you 40 minutes to discuss your problems, interpret your results and get some direction on the next steps to take. However, you are not a patient of Dr Ford. This is not part of the eClinic process. … [Read more...]

Eczema! Cure It! – eBook

Eczema! Cure It! Price: $2.99 USD. Published on March13, 2011.Do you want happy skin again?Eczema! Cure It!  Is the complete "do-it-yourself" book to based on Dr Rodney Ford's allergy clinic research, he tells you all the secrets he has learned. Most children (and adults) with eczema can get their skin back to almost perfect - just follow the guidance in this book.The secrets of what drives eczema are given to you in Dr Ford's book - … [Read more...]

The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm? – eBook

The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm? Price: $2.99 USD.  31440 words.  Published on May 8,2011.Gluten suffers now have a name for their problem: The Gluten Syndrome. A must read book for patients and professionals.It is also called "Gluten related Disorder"Dr. Ford explains:How/why gluten can affect you Why the tests for celiac disease can often miss those ill from gluten This book goes "outside the gut" How … [Read more...]

Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started – eBook

Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started. Price: $4.99 USD.  12740 words.  Published on February 14, 2012.Has your child just been diagnosed with food allergy? This book is written for our food-allergy clinic families.Want practical useful food/feeding help? What foods to avoid? What foods are safe?How to cope with your fussy feeder? Breast feed or special formula? Want easy-to-make allergen-free … [Read more...]

Food Allergies: What Symptoms? – eBook

Food Allergies: What Symptoms? Price: $4.99USD. 18510 words. Published on February 23, 2012.Could food be making you ill? How can you tell? Are you troubled by: Dairy? Wheat? Gluten? Nuts? Soy? Additives?Dr Ford's 35 years experience helps you get to grips with food allergy. Unfortunately, many doctors have little knowledge of food reactions. Often, people with unexplained symptoms are told "there's nothing wrong with you." Food … [Read more...]

Gluten-free Diet: How to Start – eBook

Gluten-free Diet: How to Start. Price: $2.99USD. 5990 words. Published on February 23, 2012.Get expert help with starting on your gluten free journey. Has your child (or you) just been diagnosed with a gluten problem? Are you just starting to figure out about a gluten free diet?This book is for people wanting to know how to start a gluten free diet: to find out what they can and cannot eat. Heaps of ideas and menus for you and your … [Read more...]

Crack the Food Allergy Maze: Get diagnosed online – eBook

Crack the Food Allergy Maze: Get diagnosed online Price: Free!You can now jump the food allergy specialist waiting list.This eBook is written for you - so that you can get to grips with the possibility of food allergy/ intolerance - on line.Dr Rodney Ford has spent his career in medicine helping children and their families discover if they are reacting to what they are eating.So many people are confused trying to work out if they … [Read more...]