The Energy Effect – eBook

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Do you lack time or energy?
Do you struggle to keep going all day?

The Energy Effect – eBook

This ebook gives you complete answers on how to re-energize your life. Including:
  • The right foods
  • Weight control
  • Cravings
  • Thought awareness
  • Your relationships
  • Act decisively
  • Have more fun!
Dr Ford, food and medical expert, explains how to live each day with High Energy.
It’s time for you to experience The Energy Effect.

Introduction: what is The Energy Effect all about?
Do you want to be average?
Food | Body | Brain | Life
Food, Happy Cells, Muscle Mass
Mind, Spirit, Time
PART ONE: Your Biomass
Starting the Energy Effect
Chapter 1. Right Food @ Right Time
Hunger leads you to food – any food
High Energy food philosophy
How does food work?

Chapter 2. Sugar – good & bad
Simple and complex sugars
Changing your patterns
Hunger is a strong primitive drive

Chapter 3. Syndrome X – Insulin resistance
Metabolic Syndrome
Sugar grid-lock in your cells
The sugar/ insulin cycle

Chapter 4. Proteins & Fats

Chapter 5. Eat: colors, fiber & bugs
The three sorts of fiber
Good bugs in your gut!
Benefits for Lactobacillus

Chapter 6. Water
Drink before you are thirsty
Develop your water habit

Chapter 7. Oxygen
Oxygen is for burning
How do you breathe?
Tummy breathing

Chapter 8. Happy Cells
Do you want to be average?
The ten leading causes of death
Get a regular check-up

Chapter 9. Gluten-sensitivity
One-in-ten affected
‘Big List’ of gluten-sensitive illness
Gluten is everywhere

Chapter 10. What makes your body tick?
What is “free radical” attack?
Why is oxygen good and bad?
Concept of health equity
How many years do you have left?

Chapter 11. The crucial food supplements
Selenium, Zinc & Copper
Folate, B6 & B12
Vitamin E & C

Chapter 12. Your Muscle Mass
Benefits of regular physical activity
Make more mitochondria
What exercise regime is best?

Chapter 13. Cardio-respiratory & aerobic
Strength and muscle mass
The 7 keys to increase your metabolism
Flexibility and posture
PART TWO: Your Consciousness2
Chapter 14. Your Mind
Can you trust your brain?
Your lizard brain
How to use your brain
Harnessing your emotional power

Chapter 15. Your Spirit
Are relationships important?
Forgive rather than forget
When will you be happy?
Spirit solution for more Energy

Chapter 16. Your Time
Where does your time go?
Life is shorter than you think
Time is emotion

Chapter 17. Be aware of Time
Time is facing your death
Time is doing what you love
Six months to live

Chapter 18. Time & trains
Time is like a train
Where are your tracks taking you?
Are you at a crossroad?

Chapter 19. Spend Time wisely
Bonus Time
Who has enough time?
Create more Time

Chapter 20. Rest
Time for you
Treasure the moments
Rest for your body

Chapter 21. Act now
Action! Now!
Energy Effect action steps
Chapter 22. High Energy Recipes
What is the High Energy Diet?
A great breakfast
High Energy drinks
High Energy Fruit for breakfast
Complex carbs for breakfast

Chapter 23. Weblinks
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The Energy Effect – eBook by Dr Rodney Ford