Gluten-free Diet: How to Start – eBook

Dr-Rodney-Ford  Gluten-Free-Diet-How-to-Start

Dr-Rodney-Ford Gluten-Free-Diet-How-to-Start

Gluten-free Diet: How to Start.
Price: $2.99USD. 5990 words. Published on February 23, 2012.

  • Get expert help with starting on your gluten free journey.
  • Has your child (or you) just been diagnosed with a gluten problem?
  • Are you just starting to figure out about a gluten free diet?

This book is for people wanting to know how to start a gluten free diet: to find out what they can and cannot eat.
Heaps of ideas and menus for you and your child, and also a weight-loss section.
Learn all about what going-gluten-free means.

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Gluten-free Diet: How to Start – eBook

The purpose of this book is to tell you about gluten and help you on your path to going gluten-free. Gluten is responsible for a vast amount of illness and poor health. One-in-ten people react to gluten. This is producing an enormous burden of sickness on individuals, families and the community – and perhaps you. This book has been put together for people wanting to know how to start a gluten free diet and what they can and cannot eat. It has menu plans for:families to try and a weight loss section as well.
This is your easy-to-follow guide to going gluten-free.

Chapter 1. How to start your pantry and design a menu
What to do first
The basic foods
Let’s go shopping
The basic shopping list
What can I make?
A 7-day menu planner for your first gluten-free week.

Chapter 2. What ingredients should be avoided?
Additives that DO or MIGHT contain gluten
The 1400 Range: additive numbers 1400-1450
Other additives:
The long list of gluten foods
Glucose syrup (derived from wheat) – is there any gluten in it?
Organic four and Spelt flour – is it okay?
Hidden gluten – industrial foods
Avoid packet foods
How can I lower my gluten-free food bill?
Can the whole family go gluten-free?
How strict do I have to be?
What happens if I do not follow strictly the gluten-free diet?
How long do I have to be gluten-free?

Chapter 3. Recipes ideas for gluten-free meals
Breakfast ideas
Baked eggs.
Hash Browns
Potato cakes
Lunch ideas
Tuna salad
Carrot salad
Dinner ideas
Marinade for steak
Glazed carrots
Chicken stuffed with dried fruit
Stuffed egg plants
Stir fry
Fish patties
Other ideas
Fruit Leather
Dried Fruit Bars
Snack food ideas
More weekly menu planners
Your 3-day weight loss diet

Chapter 4. Weblinks and books
Final words
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Gluten-free Diet: How to Start – eBook
Dr Rodney Ford