Eczema! Cure It! – eBook

Dr-Rodney-Ford Eczema! Cure It!

Dr-Rodney-Ford Eczema! Cure It!

Eczema! Cure It!
Price: $2.99 USD. Published on March13, 2011.

Do you want happy skin again?

Eczema! Cure It!  Is the complete “do-it-yourself” book to based on Dr Rodney Ford’s allergy clinic research, he tells you all the secrets he has learned. Most children (and adults) with eczema can get their skin back to almost perfect – just follow the guidance in this book.

The secrets of what drives eczema are given to you in Dr Ford’s book – he gives you the tools so that you can get better again! This book is based on well-researched approaches to allergy and eczema.

Sadly, most doctors are aware of these successful strategies to cure eczema. This is so frustrating to Dr Ford, who wants children to feel great again. No more itch. No more scratching. No more pain.

Troubled by eczema? Now find the answers:

  • Why have you got it?
  • What’s causing it?
  • Can you switch it off?
  • What’s driving it?
  • Is it gluten? milk? or eggs?
  • How to protect your children?
  • How to identify your allergies?
  • What creams and potions?

First, get tested. Find the problem. Then, experience healthy skin again!
Already 1000s of people have been helped.

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Eczema! Cure It! – eBook


Introduction Yes! It can be cured!
Are there any “secrets”?
1. Eczema! Why the controversy?
Food allergy goes undiagnosed
Cure it or cover it?
2. Eczema! What is it?
What is eczema?
The eczema progression
What is the risk of developing eczema?
Other types of eczema
The eczema environment
3. Eczema! Foods are the culprits!
Foods in the womb
How do foods cause eczema?
Food chemical reactions
4. Eczema! Find your triggers!
Food triggers
Skin prick testing
Skin prick tests are not the whole answer
5. Eczema! Milk, egg and peanut!
Cow’s milk
What some mothers say
6. Eczema! The Gluten Syndrome!
The Gluten Syndrome
Blair’s long-awaited recovery
Gluten known to cause skin disease
Eczema blood tests
More about gliadin
Gluten eczema stories
Think about the gluten-eczema link
7. Eczema! Switch it off!
Good gut bugs
The allergy “switch”
Probiotics can stop eczema
Probiotics can prevent eczema
How do probiotics work?
8. Eczema! Creams and potions!
Moisturizers and oils
Non-steroid anti-inflammatory creams
9. Eczema! Prevent it!
Ten steps to prevent eczema
1. Before pregnancy: diet
2. During pregnancy: diet
3. Birth: probiotics
4. Infant feeding: breast feeding
5. Food skin-prick tests: early identification
6. What Formula?
7. Foods: cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, gluten
8. Avoid inhalant allergens: house dust mite
9. Antihistamines: Cetirizine
10. Supplements and skin care
10. Websites & References