The Gluten Syndrome

Dr-Rodney-Ford  The Gluten Syndrome

Dr-Rodney-Ford The Gluten Syndrome

This books tells the whole gluten story: why gluten is such a toxic food; how it can disturb your gut. your skin and your nervous system; and it describes the havoc it can cause to you and your family.

The Gluten Syndrome

At least 1-in-10 people are affected by “The Gluten Syndrome”.  Unfortunately, most sufferers are unaware of this. Perhaps gluten-syndrome could explain your health problems. Read and find out.

‘The Gluten Syndrome’ by Dr. Rodney Ford is a must read book for patients and medical professionals alike. Why? He explains in detail how and why gluten adversely affects the human body; also why tests for celiac disease have often missed those that are in ill due to gluten.

Using medical studies and clinical data, ‘The Gluten Syndrome’ goes “outside the gut” and demonstrates that every system in the body can be affected by gluten.
Gluten – it’s not just for celiac disease anymore.

Are you or your children suffering from?
• Chronic illness?
• Gut problems?
• Allergies?
• Feeling sick, tired and grumpy?

You could be one of the millions of people are sick from eating gluten.

With the heart of a teacher, he has been able to explain many complex issues in simple yet authoritative terms, bringing true understanding and better outcomes.
And now, for the first time, you can have an official diagnosis of your condition: there is a name for your illness – The Gluten Syndrome.

One-in-ten people suffer from The Gluten Syndrome? Sadly, most of these people are unaware of it.

Read ‘The Gluten Syndrome’ to discover:
• All you need to know about gluten
• The harmful effects of gluten
• Why you are feeling sick, tired and grumpy
• The amazing range of conditions caused by gluten
• What to do about irritable bowel and tummy problems
• Whether gluten could be upsetting your brain
• What blood tests you need
• How to interpret your results
• How you can change your life by going gluten-free.

ISBN 978-0-473-12472-4 (192 pages) Author: Dr Rodney Ford

Price: $19.00

eBook version

Also available as an eBook.  The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm?