The Energy Effect – Your questions answered

The Energy Effect Dr-Rodney-Ford

The Energy Effect Dr-Rodney-Ford


More than just a great diet.

Do you lack time?

Do you feel tired?

Do you run out of energy to do all that you want?

Do you want to feel energized so you can keep going and going to the end of your day?

The Energy Effect gives you straight-forward answers on how to energize your life.

The Energy Effect shows you how easy it is to find incredible High Energy.


The Energy Effect – Your questions answered

Key Features. You will find out how to:
  • Eat the right foods at the right times.
  • Make high-quality food choices.
  • Easily control your weight.
  • Keep your cells happy.
  • Overcome your hunger and cravings.
  • Keep your muscles active.
  • Control your brain.
  • Improve your life and your relationships.
  • Be fully aware of your time.
  • Act decisively and have more fun.

Many people have already experienced what they say as “fantastic results” from putting into action the concepts of the Energy Effect. You will refer to this book time and again. This information can certainly change your life. It is the life-style that Dr Rodney Ford has learned about and adopted. The Energy Effect – Your questions answered.

ISBN 0-473-10259-5 (192 pages)
Author: Dr Rodney Ford

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