Popular print books by Dr Rodney Ford

Our patients at the Childrens Clinic and Allergy Centre are always wanting more information. So Dr Rodney Ford and his team have written a series of practical books on gluten, celiac disease, food allergy and what to eat. These are very popular are have been reprinted. They are in an easy-to-read chatty style. Our parents say that they have made a big difference for their family. Most are now also available as eBooks.

Gluten-Related Disorder book

Dr Rodney Ford believes that we are all at risk from eating gluten: any person, any symptom, any time! In his Gluten-Related Disorder book, he presents stories of 50 families severely affected by gluten. He asks: “Is eating gluten really worth the risk?This is available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon       Available in print for $20Gluten-Related-Disorder-sick-tired-grumpy … [Read more...]

Gluten: ZERO Global – Print book

Dr Ford's challenging book was released on 14 Sept 2012 in Seattle.Print book price US$20 plus postageDr (Professor) Rodney Ford emphatically declares: “Gluten is bad for us all!”  Yes, you read that right - bad for you, bad for him, and bad for everyone else!  This is a bold statement to make.  However, he claims that there is now enough evidence about the harm of wheat/gluten for us all to demand massive changes to our diet, our farming … [Read more...]

The Energy Effect – Your questions answered

 More than just a great diet.Do you lack time?Do you feel tired?Do you run out of energy to do all that you want?Do you want to feel energized so you can keep going and going to the end of your day?The Energy Effect gives you straight-forward answers on how to energize your life.The Energy Effect shows you how easy it is to find incredible High Energy.  The Energy Effect - Your questions answered Key … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Parties and Picnics – a children’s book

A full colour book for children. Parents and grandparents can read this book to their children to help them understand about the gluten-free issues in their lives. When children read this book they learn that they are not alone. They realize that there are heaps of other children out there who are happy being gluten-free. Gluten Free Parties and Picnics - a children's book Oh dear! It's Libby's birthday. You can get some help here:How to … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Lunch Book – best lunch and snack ideas

This book gives you much needed help on how you can stay gluten-free by solving the lunch problem.Key Features - read this lunch book for big variety for school lunches. Gluten Free Lunch Book - best lunch and snack ideasgreat take-away ideas tasty home lunches easy pizza & wraps neat snacks & sandwiches cookies & muffins healthy & yummy eatingISBN 0-473-10498-9 (64 pages) Authors: Chris Ford and Dr Rodney … [Read more...]

Going Gluten Free – how to get started

Here are the 3-steps for successfully going on a gluten free diet. From the shock of the instruction to go off gluten, to successfully doing it. We have had great feedback from this book with thousands helped. Read Going Gluten Free - how to get started, to make gluten-free life easy for you. Going Gluten Free - how to get started Step 1 - Get ready! Identify if you really are gluten-sensitive or celiac. Check out your symptoms and interpret … [Read more...]

Gluten Brain – Full of It! The shocking truth about gluten

The idea that gluten can damage brains and nerves is alarming. But true.  There is a strong brain-grain connection that everyone should become aware of.The title of this book "FULL OF IT!" was to draw attention to the fact that our diets of full of the very substance that can harm our brains.It reveals the alarming fact that gluten can directly damage your brain. Have you ever wondered why you crave for another hunk of bread? If something … [Read more...]

The Gluten Syndrome

This books tells the whole gluten story: why gluten is such a toxic food; how it can disturb your gut. your skin and your nervous system; and it describes the havoc it can cause to you and your family. The Gluten Syndrome At least 1-in-10 people are affected by "The Gluten Syndrome".  Unfortunately, most sufferers are unaware of this. Perhaps gluten-syndrome could explain your health problems. Read and find out.‘The Gluten Syndrome’ by Dr. … [Read more...]

Eczema! Cure It!

This book is no longer available as a print book.However, the eBook is available on this link:http://www.doctoreczema.com for the eBook of Eczema! Cure It!Do you want happy skin again?Eczema! Cure It!  Is the complete "do-it-yourself" book to based on Dr Rodney Ford's allergy clinic research, he tells you all the secrets he has learned. Most children (and adults) with eczema can get their skin back to almost perfect - just follow … [Read more...]

Are You Gluten Sensitive? Your Questions Answered

Did you know that 1-in-10 people react to gluten. But most are completely unaware of it. So ... How do you know if you are normal? Could you be gluten sensitive?Gluten-sensitivity causes a host of symptoms and ill health. It is not the same as having coeliac disease. Is it affecting you? If so, how would you know? This book is based on the hundreds of questions that I am so frequently asked by my patients. I answer these questions in detail. … [Read more...]