Book recommendations

Print Books by Dr Rodney Ford

Print Books by Dr Rodney Ford

Which books should you buy?

One of the most common questions that I am asked is “What book should I buy first?” People want my book recommendations.

Of course, the answer will depend on your level of knowledge and the problem that you are trying to solve.

To help you, here are short descriptions of each of my current books:

Book recommendations

Eczema! Cure it!

Discover the secrets of treating eczema that I have found over the last 30 years of research into food allergy.  Did you know that gluten might have a large part to play in causing your eczema? It is wonderful to be helping so many people to have happy skin.

Read this book to solve the eczema problem solved. If you are fed up with scratching and discomfort.

 The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm?

Gluten Sufferers now have a name for their problem. It is called: “The Gluten Syndrome”.

So, what is the Gluten Syndrome? It is the cluster of symptoms that you experience if you react to gluten: gluten can affect your gut, your skin and your brain.

It includes coeliac disease and also all the symptoms that can be experienced throughout your gastro-intestinal tract. It also includes many other symptoms that do not stem from your gut (brain and behaviour disorders, irritability and tiredness, skin problems, muscular aches and pains and joint problems).

Read this book to grasp the full picture of gluten harm, and how to identify it.

Going Gluten-Free: how to get started?

(a “best seller”!)

This book has become a “best-seller” in New Zealand. Thousands have got help to get started on their gluten-free journey. Overwhelm is often the first feeling when you are confronted with a gluten-free diet. This book shows you how easy it can be to get started on your gluten-free diet. It takes you gluten-free – step-by-step.

Read this book to understand how to successfully change to a gluten-free diet.

 The Gluten-Free Lunch Book

The most common question (for someone established on a gluten-free diet) is “What can I have for lunch?” Easy and yummy lunches can make all the difference when you are trying to stay gluten-free. This book is packed with the best lunch ideas (most suggested to us from our patients) so that you never have to worry about lunch again. Make these simple and delicious lunch-box ideas for you and your family.

Read this book to get heaps of great (gluten-free) lunch ideas.


Gluten-related disorder: Sick? Tired? Grumpy?

Are you sick, tired or grumpy? Many children (and adults are!). A great way to learn about something is to read stories about it.

Here are the stories of 50 children (and their parents) who have discovered that gluten was the cause of all of their health and behaviour problems. They tell their amazing stories: about their low energy, their irritability and constant symptoms before they discovered they were gluten-sensitive.

Read this book to find out how your children might be affected by gluten. These children wrote their own stories especially for you to read.

Full Of It! The shocking truth about gluten

Gluten Brains: the brain-grain connection

Gluten can directly damage your brain and your nerves! You can read the evidence for yourself in this book. Medical research shows that gluten reactions are linked to ataxia, migraine, ADHD, autism, depression, epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. Also, learning and behaviour problems. Also, this nerve damage can also wreak havoc in your gut – causing bloating, reflux, constipation and diarrhoea.

Read this book to understand all about how gluten can cause your problems by interfering with your brain and nerves.

 Gluten-Free Parties and Picnics


This is a beautiful book for children (and grandparents). A richly illustrated full-colour book, created especially for children and families, to help them to understand about being on a gluten-free diet. It is a fun book with great stories for children between 5 to12 years. This book takes the worry and fuss out of parties and picnics. These colourful drawings and stories appeal to young children.

Read this book to your children (and grand-children) for them to feel confident about being gluten-free – it can be fun.