Obviously, the most important step is to completely eliminate the foods that are making you ill.
There are also a wide range of treatments to help you with allergies and the symptoms. What treatments works for allergy?

Treatment for food allergy | intolerance

  • Prevention
  • Probiotics use
  • Helping with your symptoms
  • Looking after your skin
  • Using steroid preparations
  • Adrenalin auto-injectors
  • Healing your gut
  • Healing your brain
  • Food elimination
  • Special infant formula
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Antihistamine use
  • Using vitamin/mineral supplements
  • Calcium supplements

Most of these topics and much more have been covered in our eBooks (Smashwords and Kindle eBooks). We have found out that a step-by-step process is the most successful.

Smash word books by Dr Rodney Ford

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The purpose of this eClinic is to help your children (or you) get better if there is a health problem which has not been sorted out yet. The eClinic concept is to give my specialist allergy advice through your medical practitioner.

Expert allergy help can be difficult to access for the third of the population who have undiagnosed allergy problems. The eClinic can breakdown this barrier, giving everyone instant access to professional medical allergy help.

By setting up the eClinic, Dr Rodney Ford has given access to appropriate blood tests, diagnostic systems and specific treatment plans – for everyone who has access to a computer.