The Big List

Big List


This is “The Big List” of symptoms caused by gluten and other foods

Textbooks about celiac disease give very long lists of symptoms. This has puzzled many gastroenterologists. They see celiac disease as primarily a gut disease. Thus, poor nutrition and malabsorption have been the excuses used to explain many of the odd non-gut symptoms. However, it is becoming clear that gluten can cause neurological harm. This is the most likely explanation for all of these symptoms experienced in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.


The Big List

Urticaria (wheals, welts)
Dry skin
Itchy skin

Gut/ bowel/ intestine
Gastric reflux / GORD/ GERD
Food Refusal
Local Symptoms – in or around the mouth
Abdominal pain
Recurrent vomiting

Poor growth/ Failure to thrive

Tired/ lack of energy
Muscle weakness
Behaviour disturbance
Poor concentration
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Runny nose
Ear troubles

Poor health/ Run down

Why so many symptoms?

The Big List of symptoms is often challenged by medical practitioners. They say that it is impossible for gluten (and other foods) to cause so many problems. However, I think that this is a shallow argument – the answer needs much more thought.

For instance, consider a virus. It is a very small infectious particle. Nevertheless, it can cause just about any symptom you can think of. Think about it. When you get unwell from a virus you can have heaps of symptoms: a headache, sore tummy, vomiting, diarrhea, feel miserable, no energy, temperature, feel off your food, get stomach reflux – and any other symptoms you can imagine.

Think about this. Your body does not produce many symptoms -you only have a small number of symptoms. This is your body telling you that you are unwell or ill. Your symptoms are not specific – they are general.

Lots of conditions can cause the same symptoms

That is why if you have symptoms on “The BIG LIST” and these symptoms are unexplained – then you could be suffering from a food intolerance/ allergy.

Also, look at the symptoms documented in this paper:

Fifteen international-celiac-doctors have put forward a consensus statement on the “new nomenclature and classification of gluten-related-illness”.
I have previously named this set of illnesses “The Gluten Syndrome”.

Tired – exhausted … no energy!

Is this you? or is this your child? It turns out that lethargy and lack of energy is the leading symptom of gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease. However, this “low energy” state is seldom recognized as a disease symptom.

Always looking for an excuse. This is because low energy is always explained away by something else happening in our lives: for instance, busy with the children; too much work; poor sleep; not enough exercise; or that you put yourself down as just a low energy person.

Iron deficiency is also often thought to be the explanation of tiredness. And yes, frequently iron deficiency is found in people who are tired. However, both the low iron levels and gluten sensitivity in combination are coursing these symptoms.

If tiredness, exhaustion, and no energy, are problems that you see in your family, then think about the possibility of a gluten problem.

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