Celiac (coeliac) disease

Celiac (coeliac) disease

Celiac family


Surprisingly, there is “no typical set of symptoms that define celiac disease.

It is a “myth that celiac disease can be diagnosed clinically (by symptoms alone). Unfortunately, most doctors still rely on their patients having gut symptoms (diarrhoea and weight loss) before they begin to think about possibility of gluten sensitivity, but having gut symptoms is a rare way to present with celiac disease. The most common symptom of celiac disease is lack of energy and tiredness.

Not all gut

Even more odd, are the so-called non-gastrointestinal symptoms (see the Big List). My advice is to have the gluten and celiac tests if you have ongoing chronic ill health. Getting the appropriate blood tests is crucial. Please see the eClinic for much more information and diagnostic help.

Spelling: coeliac and celiac mean the same.

(Suggested reading to find out more:  “The Gluten Syndrome“)

Celiac (coeliac) disease

Could you have it?

Yes, it is very important to find out if you have celiac disease. In some communities it is found in 1-in-50 people and everywhere it is becoming a common illness. But most people have yet-to-be-discovered. Get tested if you are uncertain.

Did you know that the common symptoms are:

  • Feeling tired or exhausted.
  • Want more energy.
  • Have low iron levels.
  • “Irritable bowel” diarrhoea/constipation.
  • Gastric reflux, heart burn.
  • Get moody or irritable or depressed.
  • Bothered by headaches and migraine.

These are the vague but taxing symptoms of coeliac disease: when your gut gets damaged and you feel unwell because of the unpleasant affects of gluten.

Gluten is the substance (found in the grains of wheat, rye and barley) which causes one in a hundred people to be struck by celiac disease. In addition, gluten makes many others unwell with gluten sensitivity.

You are invited to have a “virtual” consultation at The eClinic.

Find out if you might have celiac disease. This will give your own health practitioner guidance about what tests to order for you, and how to interpret the results. It is best to get properly tested before changing your diet.

Also you can read more about celiac disease in Dr Ford’s book: “The Gluten Syndrome

by Dr Rodney Ford