Coeliac Disease could you have it?

Gluten in bread

Gluten in bread can make you ill

Gluten is a sticky substance found in bread (derived from wheat) that makes lots of people sick.
Every one is affected by gluten, although some people do not recognize that they are unwell.
More and more people are discovering that they feel a lot better when off gluten.

So … how do you work out if you should be on a gluten free diet?



Should you be changing the bread that you are eating?
First you need to find out more about gluten-harm, also called “gluten-related-disorders

Did you know that:

  • Gluten is a food protein that can make you sick.
  • The gluten-grains are wheat, rye and barley.
  • Gluten is very often found (hidden) in many processed foods.
  • Some food additives are made from gluten-grains
  • A gluten-free diet might be life-long for some people.
  • Get blood tests before you go gluten-free.
  • Gluten-free is a healthy diet, but you need to eat healthy.

Coeliac disease could you have it?

Did you know the common symptoms:

  • Feeling tired or exhausted.
  • Want more energy.
  • Have low iron levels.
  • Irritable bowel, diarrhoea/constipation.
  • Gastric reflux, heart burn.
  • Get moody or irritable or depressed.
  • Bothered by headaches and migraine.

These are the vague but taxing symptoms of coeliac disease: when your gut gets damaged and you feel unwell because of the unpleasant affects of gluten.

Gluten is the substance (found in the grains of wheat, rye and barley) which causes one in a hundred people to be struck by celiac disease. In addition, gluten makes many others unwell with gluten sensitivity.

All people affected:
A landmark consensus paper, by international gluten medical experts, that now confirms that gluten causes many common illnesses.

Spectrum of Gluten-Related-Disorders –
They write: “All individuals, even those with a low degree of risk, are therefore susceptible to some form of gluten reaction during their life span.”

Also you can read more about celiac disease in Dr Ford’s book: “The Gluten Syndrome

Please stay on gluten foods until you have had your “gluten/celiac blood tests“and “endoscopy“.

You are invited to have a “virtual” consultation at “The eClinic“.
This will help you work out if you should be on a gluten-free diet. You might need to get some blood tests, and interpret your results. It is best to get properly tested before changing your diet.

You can read more about being gluten-free in Dr Ford’s books:

Going Gluten Free – how to get started