Food antibody testing by US Biotek

Blood Test 96 Foods Allergy

Blood Test 96 Foods Allergy using IgG Specific Antibodies








Could the foods you are eating be making you sick?

This is a question that you are likely trying to get an answer. By now you should have already gone through the eClinic process. However, if the tests that you have had done have not given you an answer, then it is worthwhile having another set of food allergen blood tests.
Get more tests
Our philosophy is to test rather than to guess. You can get more food allergy tests through the laboratory US BioTek (in Seattle, USA). It offers a wide range of food allergen tests.
Not always IgE reaction
Most people (children and adults) who have ongoing eczema or gut problems but who have negative skin prick tests or negative EAST/RAST tests (these are IgE tests), are usually intolerant to either dairy or/and gluten. However, many other foods can be implicated.
Could be IgG reaction
These other type of food adverse reaction can be caused through an IgG antibody inflammatory process. To get a more accurate diagnosis of what foods you might be reacting to, you can get your IgG food allergy assessment panel (tested by US Biotek, Seattle USA) through our eClinic.

Food antibody testing by US Biotek

96 Foods tested
There are 96 foods that are tested by the IgG standard food panel listed on this link:
The blood sample
The blood sample can be collected by you, in your home. All that is required is a finger-prick. See the procedure on this link.
(You then post the completed card with our signed request form to our distributor).
What you get
The fee for this service: US$385 – for the 96 standard food IgG panel from Biotek with interpretation by Dr R Ford. A requirement is to have gone through the eClinic process. Payment is made through PayPal on the eClinic site.
The fee for this service includes: Sample collecting kit/ postage of kit to you / laboratory fees/ laboratory results/ interpretation by Dr Ford.
The process
Once you have made the purchase (best to send us an email first):
  • We send you the test-collection-kit
  • You take the blood sample
  • You post the sample to the laboratory agent
  • US BioTek measures the sample
  • We send you the results
  • Dr Ford sends you his interpretation.