Skin Prick Testing for food allergy

Skin Prick Testing for food allergy

Skin Prick Testing for food allergy



Skin Prick Testing for food allergy can give you an answer if there is an immediate allergic reaction. I use this test every day in my Clinic. It is the most useful test that I do for investigation immediate food allergy.  It is negative for “delayed” onset food allergy/ intolerance.  It does not pick up gluten intolerance.






Skin Prick testing is gentle – it can:

  • be done even on new-born babies
  • tell about food allergy (milk, egg, peanut, shellfish and lots more)
  • help diagnose inhalant allergies (such as pollens, house dust and dust mites).

Skin Prick Testing for food allergy

How is it done?

A small drop of allergen fluid is put on the skin and then gently pricked into the skin (on the forearm or back in younger children). A reaction can be seen within about 10 minutes. A positive reaction causes a little itchy spot like a mosquito bite.

See this link for a YouTube video of skin prick testing in the Clinic.

Who should be tested?

All babies and Children with eczema and asthma. All breastfed babies with eczema to find out what to change in mother’s diet.

What can be tested?

Most foods – especially milk, egg, peanut, fish, nuts, wheat, soy …. Inhalants – dust mite, pollens, cat fur, dog hair, horses ….

Recommendation: Skin prick testing is very helpful in all children with eczema, asthma, hay fever and suspected food allergy.