Gluten: ZERO Global – Gluten is bad for us all

Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford MB MS MD FRACP Medical doctor, Gastroenterologist, Allergist, Pediatrician, Gluten expert.

“Gluten: ZERO Global” states the hypothesis that gluten is universally harmful. Dr Rodney Ford gave the latest evidence in his new book, launched on his speaking tour of USA, Sept/Oct 2012.

Gluten: ZERO Global

Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford says: “Gluten is bad for us all!”

Yes, you read that right – bad for you, bad for him, and bad for everyone else! By implication, this means that the whole world should avoid gluten.

This is a bold statement to make. But he believes there is now enough evidence to demand massive changes to our diet, our farming practices and food manufacturing industry.




Gluten: universal harm

Dr Ford presented the evidence that gluten is potentially harmful to everyone.  But he is not alone in endorsing this idea: many other medical/health professionals have also reached this conclusion, supported by growing research evidence of widespread gluten-illnesses.  This has created a huge market for gluten-free foods.

Global gluten-zero diet

The widespread adoption of gluten-free-life is a food revolution based on the personal health-experience of millions.
Dr Ford predicts, that in another generation, gluten will be rejected by most reputable food processing companies.
This is a difficult truth for many people to accept because wheat products is the very foundation of our diet. To discover that our basic food is harmful is a shock.

The purpose of writing “Gluten: ZERO global” is to present you with the hash evidence that everyone, including you and your family, should be zero-gluten.

Rodney Ford Itinerary of USA tour September/October 2012.

Here are the details of the Gluten: ZERO Global speaking tour.  Please contact the organiser for more details. He will present the case that gluten is bad for us all – this would justify a gluten-zero world (a limited number of the new print book will be available at these presentations).

Seattle, Washington  – September 15 with Dr Stephen Wangan
Speaking time: 10am to 12pm Saturday.
Venue:Auditorium at the Valley Medical Center in Renton
(contact Dr Wangan ).

Bellingham, Washington  – September 16
Speaking time: 2.30pm Sunday
Venue:CTK Community Church, 4173 Meridian St. Bellingham
(contact Kelle Rankin-Sunter

Portland, Oregon – September 18
Speaking time: 6:30 pm
The Mittleman Jewish Community Center. (MJCC)
(contact Lisa Shaver, ND

Salem, Oregon   – September 19th
Speaking time: 5.00 – 8.00pm dinner and discussion.
Venue: Marco Polo restaurant (Gluten Free)
(contact Nadine Grzeskowiak

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada – September 21 -22
Speaking time: 10.15am  1.30pm afternoon workshop – both days.
Venue:Red Deer College, Alberta.
(contact Valerie Van Gelderen

Madison, Wisconsin – October 1st
Speaking time: 7pm (with GF dinner before hand)
Venue: American Family Insurance Training Center and Auditorium, 6000 American Parkway. Madison.
Ripon, Wisconsin – October 2nd
Speaking time: 5:30 – 7:00pm (to be confirmed).
Venue: Ripon High School, 850 Tiger Drive, Ripon, WI54971
(contact Al Klapperich

Little Rock, Arkansas  – October 4th
Speaking time: 6:30pm
Venue: St. Vincent’s Hospital
(contact  Sherri Clay

Tucson, Arizona – October 6th
Speaking time: 1pm.
Venue: Westward Look.
(contact Kim Peebly

Palo Alto, San Francisco, CA –October 13th HealthNow Seminar
Speaking time: Seminar all day
Venue: Crown Plaza hotel in Palo Alto, CA.4v4
(contact Dr Vikki Petersen

Dr Ford said: “I look forward to meeting as many people as I can.  Together we can create a Zero-guten world.”

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