Discover your eczema triggers

Did you know that:

  • Most eczema is triggered by a food allergy or intolerance.
  • Children are affected more by food allergy than grown-ups.
  • Common food allergens can be tested for.
  • Eczema can usually be effectively treated.
  • You can even “cure” eczema.

Discover your eczema triggers

You are invited to have a “virtual” consultation with The eClinic
This will help you identify the possible triggers and get help on treatment.

Also you can read all about this in Dr Ford?s book: Eczema! Cure it!

I am pleased to tell you that this book “Eczema! Cure It!” has been a huge success – as rated by parents.

Parents are emailing, telling how useful it has been.

They are saying, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before!”
Others say, “Wow! this information really works! It is wonderful to be helping so many people to have happy skin.”

Many children are now having their eczema problems solved! Yes! You can stop the itching, scratching and suffering from eczema.

This book tells you about Dr Ford’s discoveries and secrets of treating eczema that he has found over the last 30 years of research into food allergy.
And guess what!? He has found out that gluten has a large part to play in causing chronic eczema.

DoctorEczema is the web address on my book “Eczema! Cure it!”

The idea behind this is to let parents and children know that the cause/ trigger of their eczema can often be discovered. This is exciting.

As a pediatrician and allergist, I used to feel despair at times in trying to help little children with severe eczema. They were so miserable, but there was nothing more that I could do.

But I know a lot more now. I can help 80% of these children (and many adults) get better. It is a matter of finding the triggers: foods and inhalants.

I tell about this in my ebook: Eczema! Cure it!

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You can buy his latest book for less than a dollar per year of his research! Good value.

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Also  available as an eBook: Eczema! Cure it!