Book Review of “Eczema! Cure it!”

By Ron Hoggan, Co-author Dangerous Grains.

Dr. Rodney Ford s new book, Eczema! Cure it! discusses vastly more than gluten s role in eczema. It provides a step-by-step guide for curing the vast majority of cases of eczema. This guide starts with a discussion of the controversy surrounding the connection between food allergies and eczema. Ford takes some surprising stands on some of these issues by exposing the weaknesses and strengths of current testing techniques, drug therapies, and other conventional eczema treatments, which have very limited success. Ford then shows the success he has had in treating eczema, and the means by which he achieves it.

I was amazed as I read this book. It unlocked the mysteries of eczema for me. I found that I not only understood this ailment, but I also learned why so much controversy surrounds the food allergy connection with eczema.

Ford uses patients case histories to reveal the folly of masking symptoms with powerful steroid creams. He draws particular attention to the immunological differences between adults and children. His experiences with patients successes and failures have driven much of Ford s paradigm, including his explanation of eczema and his choice of therapies based on patients responses.

Dr. Ford doesn’t stop with gluten s contribution to eczema. He goes on to provide several categories of solid evidence followed by a very thoughtful explanation of the roots of the controversy that surrounds the connection between foods and eczema. He moves through identifying several other suspect foods and environmental allergens, along with providing a detailed explanation to help the reader identify the triggers of their eczema regardless of their nature. Whether foods or other substances, almost anyone should be able to track down the cause of their eczema using Eczema! Cure it! as a guide. He outlines a process of elimination and avoidance, what signs to look for during avoidance, and how our immune systems function during this process, and he does all of this using patients comments about their own recoveries.

This book provides a prescription for the successful eradication of eczema. Not only does Ford explain how to cure eczema, in the final section he provides a set of guidelines to prevent eczema for any future children you might want to have.

Eczema! Cure it! is a must read for anyone who wishes to cure or prevent eczema for patients, themselves, or their children. It is even an important read for prospective parents. It is difficult to argue with the vast number of patients who have successfully left eczema behind and are now able to experience healthy, normal skin through following the simple steps outlined in Dr. Ford s new book, Eczema! Cure it! You can visit him and learn more at

Ron Hoggan, Ed. D.
Co-author Dangerous Grains ISBN: 978158333-129-3
Editor: Gluten Sensitivity Journal