Doctor Gluten

Doctor Gluten?

What is the Doctor Gluten Project? Gluten seems innocuous to most people. But vast numbers of people get sick when they eat it  Gluten is a food substance found in wheat, barley and rye.

The Doctor Gluten Project was set up in 2005 to tell the world about the harmful effects of gluten. It was a project well ahead of its time. However, many of you in the community were already becoming aware that wheat/gluten was making you sick. But your medical advisors would not take any notice.

There are 3 main ongoing concerns:

  1. Most of the people who are affected by gluten are unaware of it.
  2. The wide scope of gluten reactions is underestimated – gluten has been shown to cause over 300 different symptoms.
  3. The medical community remains sceptical of the Gluten Syndrome
  4. Medical practitioners are not very good at investigating people who might have celiac disease.

The purpose of the Dr Gluten Project is to:

  • Help other people (like you) with practical tools.
  • Develop a sense of community in the gluten-free world.
  • Advocate for a gluten-free planet (join the Facebook page
  • Begin to use the new label – Gluten: ZERO Global.
  • Give a sense of the size of the food allergy and gluten-sensitive problem.
  • Improve you and your family’s health.

The previous DoctorGluten website has been superseded by the eClinic site, Gluten Free Planet, and Gluten: ZERO global.

New and updated content, created by Dr Rodney Ford, is now available to you: Gives you even more features & more practical help.

If you are coming back from the DoctorGluten website, then you will have to register”on this new website with a new “login”and “password” (sorry!). Then you get free access to all these articles and documents (when you are logged in). Including:

  • bonuschapters (new chapters for the books)
  • in-depth articles
  • publications (conference abstracts by Dr Ford and colleagues)
  • Info-Links (collection of articles to help you manage allergy/ gluten / celiac problems).

The “pay-for” service is the eClinic and your book purchases.

New features include:

Blood test result interpretation

There is now a small fee for this service through the eClinic.

It is a brand new blood test interpretation program to help you understand the meaning of your tests and what to do about them. It includes the new tests (DGP) that have now become available.

To give you the very best advice, Dr Ford needs to know about your symptoms and your diet, before he can comment on the meaning of your blood test results. Therefore, this blood test interpretation service can only be done through the eClinic.

This program has taken over two years to create and implement.

by Dr Rodney Ford