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The world of gluten is complex and controversial. It is also advancing quickly.

This paper that has shone some clarifying light on the subject:

Spectrum of Gluten-Related-Disorders
This is a landmark consensus paper, by international gluten medical experts, that now confirms that gluten causes many common illnesses. This paper supports my stance on gluten. They make this statement in their conclusion:

“All individuals, even those with a low degree of risk, are therefore susceptible to some form of gluten reaction during their life span.”

As the years go by, more and more people will be adopting a gluten free lifestyle. I predict that in 10 years time, 30% of the populations (those seeking good health) will be eating gluten free. This will change how food is grown, processed and sold. The gluten free revolution has only just begun.

More and more people are adopting a gluten-free lifestyle and feeling well again.

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By Dr Rodney Ford