A high quality allergy diagnostic and management tool for you and your doctor.

US$9.99/per person for a 3-month subscription

“... after 3 years of different medical specialists (and no answers), I used your eClinic for my son. I finally knew what to test him for and the results were astonishing. I am so deeply thankful. ” - Heidi


I have created “The eClinic” to help people like you work out if you could have a food allergy | food intolerance | or gluten problems.

Why set up the eClinic?

I was getting hundreds of emails asking for my food allergy help. I became over-whelmed. I could not help these people very well because I needed to know a lot more information about their health and diet. My solution was to set up this web-based automatic service, which is based on my clinical experience.

Subsequently, the eClinic has been designed to give you expert on-line help and guidance for both you and your doctor to use.

You will get:
  • Expert opinion on food allergy | intolerance.
  • Step-by-step directions to investigate food-related health problems.
  • Guidance on gluten | celiac diagnosis.
  • Accurate blood-test and allergy-test interpretation.