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Please note: March 2015

We have again upgraded the whole of the eClinic website.
There could still be a few gremlins/bugs in the changeover – we have our team working on this. We will be making it an even better, and low-priced experience.

We have kept the fee to just US$9.99, so that lots of people will have the opportunity of getting their individualized food allergy/intolerance help.

(we charge a fee to pay for the running of this system, it is not a profit making venture!  The purpose is to spread the word and expertise about food allergy and intolerance).

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience.  If you experience frustration or problems, please let me know. Some people have had delays in the “activation” of their eClinic account. Also, some of the  information links “InfoLinks” have been broken – they should all be working soon.

We also offer you two substantial ebooks free with your eClinic subscription.

Food Allergies: What Symptoms?

Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started

The concept is an “expert second opinion”

The eClinic is for people who are not yet diagnosed, or people who want a second expert opinion. Once you have had all of your tests, and have a definite diagnosis, then you have already done much of what the eClinic can offer. But having said that, many eClinic customers have been very appreciative of getting my second opinion.

Food allergies and intolerances  are very common

But often misses, and mis-diagnosed.

Doctor Rodney Ford is a food allergy expert. He helps diagnose and manage food allergy and gluten problems. Gluten, wheat, peanut, egg and milk are the most common foods to cause problems. It is important to get fully investigated. Get the right tests and the right interpretation. Get well again.


By Rodney Ford