Posting blogs to Facebook

Dr-Rodney Ford Wheat field

Wheat field

Hi, I have written a great many articles, and I have decided to start posting blogs to Facebook. Initially sending this information to the Gluten-Free-Planet (glutenZERO) Facebook page, from my website: I will be interested in feedback.

Constantly there are new insights to be experienced. The Gluten ZERO life is a journey, with ups and downs. People new to the concept of gluten-free feel overwhelm, and anxiety; people a little more along the path wonder what else might be upsetting their body; and people with longer experience can help and nurture others who are following in their steps.

I expect that the Gluten ZERO path will be taken by increasing more people as the burden of gluten-harm gets fully recognised.

One of the big questions that I have investigated is :”When should we adopt a gluten ZERO diet?”

Well, I argue that we are all adversely affected by gluten, and we should all stop now! However, this is controversial!  I wrote a whole book about it (Gluten:ZERO Global: gluten bad for us all”.

It is a bit like smoking tobacco I think. The best time to quit is now.

Gluten can harm: any person, with any symptom at any time. My mission is to help increase gluten-awareness throughout the community. Hence the posting blogs to Facebook.

Dr Rodney Ford