Help for gluten-free children

Gluten Free parties picnics book by Dr Rodney Ford

Gluten Free parties picnics book by Dr Rodney Ford

As a pediatrician, I constantly see sick children!  Their parents feel desperate for them to get better.

A lot of children who feel “Sick Tired and Grumpy” end up being diagnosed as having gluten sensitivity/ gluten intolerance.  The new language for this illness is “Gluten related disorders”.  We have written two books to specifically help diagnose children, and help them stay gluten-free.

Gluten Free Parties and Picnics

A colored book with stories to encourage children embarking on their gluten free journey. Beautifully illustrated.


More help for gluten-free children

“Gluten Related Disorder. Sick? Tired? Grumpy?”  It has also been called “The book for the Sick Tired and Grumpy”.

We are all at risk from eating gluten: any person, any symptom, any time! Symptoms can slowly sneak up on you. You may be unaware of your slowly deteriorating health. Children feel sick, tired and grumpy: they are often labelled naughty, or having behavior or learning problems. Dr Ford presents stories of 50 families severely affected by gluten. He asks: “Is eating gluten really worth the risk?

Gluten Related Disorder. Sick? Tired? Grumpy? - by Dr-Rodney-Ford

Gluten Related Disorder. Sick? Tired? Grumpy? – by Dr-Rodney-Ford







One of my patients, Madeline, is 5-years-old.  She was desperate to go gluten free. She had terrible tummy pains, severe constipation and she was vomiting intermittently at night. She knew about gluten because her sister was already gluten free and had recovered.

My patient, this little girl, was tested and she had very high gluten markers in blood tests (anti-gliadin antibodies). She has now been gluten-zero for the last 2 months. Her parents said, “there was an immediate result. Her tummy pains have gone, the vomiting has stopped, and her poop is much more normal”.

Yes, yet again, gluten was the cause of chronic symptoms. Another child received GZ. So it continues to surprise me that the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity is made so rarely by most medical practitioners. However, I expect this to change over the next few years, as they become more gluten-aware.

So, Keep on spreading the message.


These books have helps thousands of children.  I hope that they will help you too.

Cheers, Dr Rodney Ford