Dry scaly cheeks eczema

Eczema Dry Cheeks

Eczema Dry Cheeks from food allergy

Dry scaly cheeks eczema

This baby is getting dry and scaly cheeks: an early sign of eczema. Sometimes her cheeks flare up bright red. She is being breastfed, and mum was concerned that this could be a food allergy. I was asked to see her. Her skin prick tests showed up positive to milk and egg.  Small amounts of these foods are getting through her mum’s breast-milk and causing her cheeks to become red and uncomfortable. Dry scaly cheeks: eczema!
Skin prick tests milk and egg allergy - by Dr Rodney Ford

Skin prick tests milk and egg allergy – by Dr Rodney Ford

These are the skin prick test results on this baby. As you can see, there are two big white bumps. These are the allergic reaction to cow’s milk and egg white (the third bump is for peanut). So this explains the triggers for her nasty looking cheeks.



Food-related disorders

A Piece of the Puzzle explores the many facets of food-related-disorders.

Food allergy is the leading cause of infantile eczema that I see in my clinic. It is my experience that dermatologists seldom look for food allergy and that most general practitioners are skeptical about even the existence of food allergy.  Food allergens can pass through into the breast-milk and provoke eczema. This baby got completely better when mum went off all dairy and egg in her diet. Mother and child are now happy again!

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