Gift of gluten free

Dr-Rodney-Ford gift of gluten free

Dr-Rodney-Ford gift of gluten free

Some of you say you are “gluten-free newbies” and asked for advice. I have written several books on this. Here are my 10 thoughts on the “Gift of gluten free”.

1. Diagnosis: get a clear diagnosis if you can.

2. Mind Set: declare yourself a gluten-free person

3. Accept that your gluten-free journey will have ups and down

4. Aim for a ZERO gluten diet.

5. Find a gluten-free buddy

6. Take care of yourself – vitamin, minerals, probiotics

7. Learn to eat a wide variety of foods (gluten-free).

8. Be proud to be gluten-free.

9. Learn what you can eat.

10. Enjoy the gift of being gluten-free.

 Gift of gluten free

Why so many off gluten

Why so many going off gluten? Well, the simple answer is that at least 10% of the population gets ill from eating gluten products – and feel so much better on a gluten-free diet. There is not much “mystery to that.” Agree, most GF foods of cookies and cakes are not a healthy option. But most people I see in my clinic need to make healthy changes to their diet. If some people buy GF foods for a “fad” reason, they will soon revert to gluten foods.

My advice to those contemplating the idea of a GF diet -think about gluten-sensitivity and get a blood test. Check out the blood tests I recommend.