I am a ZERO gluten man

Dr-Rodney-Ford Guten ZERO

Dr-Rodney-Ford Guten ZERO

Yes! I am a ZERO gluten man. This is based on the concern that tiny amounts of gluten in your food are enough to stimulate your immune system – even if you are not feeling directly unwell from the trivial exposure. What is trivial to you is not trivial to your highly tuned & sensitive immune system.

By definition, Zero gluten means ZERO! In other words – it is undetectable gluten (say less than 1ppm – gluten detection is now getting down to these very low levels). Consequently, ANY FOOD that has gluten detected between 5-20ppm should NOT be labeled GF. It is NOT gluten-free, even if it contains an apparently trivial amount. It needs to be labeled 5-20ppm!! We need to know what is in our food! We need this information to make healthy food choices.

Although the manufacturers say this is not practical to make ZERO gluten products, it is if enough effort is put into cleaning up the contaminated food chain. The ZERO gluten market is growing. The GF community does not want gluten traces in their food. If we people do not buy their products – then they will have to change – or decide that they will not chase the GF market.

Yes, sensible labeling needed.

I am a ZERO gluten man

I propose a 3-tier system: zero gluten, less that 20ppm gluten, and glutened. It is that simple. Then we know what we are getting. How hard is this! Everyone satisfied. Why does the FDA just want one definition? It cannot be done – that is why they have had this “problem” on their too-hard pile for the last 7 years.

Gluten not needed in diet

Daniel Papcke, Germany, interviewed me for his webpage a few months ago.http://www.mind-healing.org/whatisgluten.html (1 hour). This gives my current views on gluten and health. In a nutshell, gluten is a potentially harmful protein which is not necessary in our diets – the gluten-free alternative grains are healthier. Do have a listen when you have the time. Cheers Dr Rodney Ford.

How gluten-free is gluten-free?

How “gluten-free” is gluten-free? For example – how gluten-free is this Vogel’s Cereal product? Would you eat it?

On a Vogel’s cereal packet: “No gluten & no wheat are deliberately used in this recipe. While Vogel takes great care during processing, this product is produced in an environment that also produces gluten and wheat-containing cereals”.

I am developing a 1-to-5 scale to score food “manufacturers” and food handlers – need help with this. Yes, I am a ZERO gluten man.

by Rodney Ford