Food allergy often missed

food allergy often missed

food allergy is often missed

Just seen another food allergy muddle!  A child who has been misdiagnosed as a “viral illness” and “vomiting illness”. However, this 9-month child has classical cow’s milk allergy: with symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, eczema, runny nose and chesty breathing.

Food allergy often missed

This little boy has already seen a dermatologist, a pediatrician and many general practitioners. They have just treated him for his symptoms, but have been blind to the fact that he has had milk allergy from the first few weeks of life.

Unfortunately mother was not able to breastfeed him. Although my skin-prick allergy testing was negative, he still likely to have a cow’s milk protein intolerance (CMPI). This is one of the major mistakes many medics make: they assume that if the skin-prick tests (or EAST/RAST tests) are negative then that child cannot have food allergy – this thinking is completely wrong. Most children with a cow’s milk protein intolerance in fact have a negative skin test. The skin-prick testing only tells you what sort of reaction is occurring.

By the way, gluten sensitivity/intolerance children have negative skin-prick tests to gluten and wheat.

This child is now on Neocate and will get better. It distresses me to know that so many paediatricians and general practitioners are ignorant about food allergies. About 10% of children react to dairy but almost no medical specialists acknowledge this fact. This is one of the reasons why I have set up the eClinic: to help the parents through the allergy maze.

Foods trigger eczema

I am a born skeptic! So it has taken me a long to time convince myself that foods (especially: gluten/wheat/dairy/ egg) are the culprit triggers. Now, if I cannot get someone’s skin nearly perfect, I am disappointed. Also you need to factor in the environmental allergens, probiotics and allergy to staphlococcal antigens.

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Hard to get tested

Many patients find that their health professional is hesitant to make a diagnosis of food allergy/intolerance. However, adverse reactions to various foods is a common problem, with up to 25% of people reporting that foods in some way upset them. These people often find it hard to get appropriate medical tests.

Children with allergies being let down

This is a great article from “Allergy Aunt”: Chidlren with allergies being let down. Yes, there are too few specialists to deal with the vast number of children with allergies. That is what have driven me to set up the food-allergy eClinic. This gives my specialist allergy advice, tailored to a person’s specific symptoms, age and diet (using a clinical algorithm). We are getting very encouraging comments and helping heaps of food-allergy children.

Naughty children might be unwell

Are “naughty” children being naughty, or are we giving them a label because we do not understand their reaction to their environment? Lots of children appear to be naughty, but really they are feeling unwell. They are “sick, tired and grumpy.” Many are gluten sensitive. Going on a gluten-free diet often makes a big difference – but get the blood tests first.