Gluten-free is not always healthy

Gluten-free is not always healthy

Gluten-free is not always healthy

Gluten free food does not necessarily mean healthy food. We should be concentrating on eating increased fresh fruits and vegetables, some protein (meat, fish, tofu, beans), nuts, and some grains (rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, tuff, timothy). Not too much processed stuff. A few additives as possible. The sugar-laden fat-filled GF products should be seen as occasional treat. Eat well – feel well. Was sent a message advertising the gluten-free benefits of a “Natural alternative healthy energy drink”.This is misleading and dishonest.

Too much sugar is bad

It is just a sugar (sucrose) drink with a few added vitamins. Much better to eat fruit and veggies. Better value to buy and eat healthy whole foods and drink water. Sugar has fructose in it: this is potentially a bad thing (see Sweet Poison).

Being a “gluten-free” product does not automatically mean that it is healthy, or good for you. Often it is not. For example, Coca-Cola is also gluten free (and fat free too). However, I do not recommend it.

By the way, a “Healthy Sugar” drink is an oxymoron!

Gluten-aware food manufacturing

My objective is to create more gluten-awareness in the food manufacturing and processing industries. That needs educated consumers to lead the way by purchasing products from be most gluten-aware retailers. This will take time.The end result will be a safe GF food chain.

Foods that contain gluten

Someone asked for a list of foods that contain gluten.

I think that writing a “safe” list is more inspiring. That is the safe foods do not contain gluten. The list is short.

ANY unprocessed – fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, corn, dairy, eggs, fish and the alternate grains.

ANYTHING processed is suspect (that means all packet foods). Hope that this is helpful.

I wrote a book on it! “Going gluten free – how to get started


Gluten-free is not always healthy

by Rodney Ford