Ford brain on the web!

Dr-Rodney-Ford brain-on-the-web

Dr-Rodney-Ford brain-on-the-web

Inside Ford’s brain

What does the eClinic do? Dr Rodney Ford proclaims he has put his brain on the web!

By this he means that he has put his “diagnostic thinking” into a system that he has called “the eClinic”, which you can now immediately access through your computer.

35 years of knowledge available to you

After over 35 years of clinical experience, and 3 years of web-work, he has eventually done it! Put his medical-brain on the web. It will help you think through your possible food allergy/ intolerance/ gluten problems.

People have shown great interest in this complicated project … and how do you put complex medical-decision-making into a computer program? Well, it has been designed along the same lines as his standard medical consultation. It works out like this: you go to the reception page and register … then you answer the relevant questions. Next, you get sent of for any tests (if appropriate) … then you go back to the eClinic to get Dr Ford’s interpretation. A straight-forward process.

Ford brain on the web!

The eClinic has been updated again. It has been operating successfully for over 5 years. We have loved hearing from you and have responded to your feedback. Please continue tell us how we can best help you and your family. Please help us make it more useful to you.

Diagnostic process

As you can see, the eClinic system follows a diagnostic process. That is why you get a 3-month subscription.

However, some people are remain unsure as to if they should be using the eClinic process. To help you decide if it is for you, we have produced a free eBook (now updated again) that gives you a lot more details about the eClinic process. Called: Crack the Food Allergy Maze: Get diagnosed online


Many people seem “lost” in their search to feel well again. Are you unsure of what you should do to find answers? or how to go about it? or who to see? The purpose of the eClinic is to help you to find your way. If you are wondering if you might have a food allergy/ intolerance / gluten-sensitivity, then the eClinic can help you with answers.

How does it work?

When you visit the eClinic, you basically get Dr Ford’s medical opinion on-line, instead of face-to-face with him. However, he goes through the same process as if you were having a medical conversation.

If you are wondering if you have a gluten, food allergy, celiac, food intolerance problem, or if you have a mystery illness to solve, then please check it out.

Good feedback to date

Feedback has been excellent so far – although, not everyone has been happy until we have helped them some more (we have use their feedback to improve the system). The eClinic focus is limited to the area of diagnosing food allergy and intolerance. It does not replace your own health practitioner. The eClinic acts to give additional guidance and advice.

Dr Ford will give you specific help with the interpretation of the skin tests and blood tests and suggest what to do next. However, after he gives you these “directions” he will ask you to go back to your GP or Health Professional for assistance with the on-going management, and physical examination.


The plan for the year is to constantly improve the service from your feedback and suggestions.
You can read much more information at the FAQ eClinic section.