The eClinic is being closed down – try Childrens Clinic

The eClinic is being closed down because the available tests have become far too complex for this electronic help. However, the Childrens Clinic can still help.You can make a Skype consultation or face-to-face consultation with Dr Rodney Ford. I can help you to investigate food allergy/ intolerance / gluten / celiac health problems.Go to The Childrens Clinic for more information and the details.Food allergy? Food intolerance? Gluten … [Read more...]

Celiac gluten–not black and white

The world of gluten is not black and white! (I've been saying this for years). There is still tension between those who have 'biopsy-proven celiac disease', and those people so-called 'gluten-intolerant'.For instance, look at these two opposing comments on Facebook this week:A. “I find it hard to believe that gluten intolerant people (or gluten avoiders) are as strict as us who have celiac disease.”B. “I am gluten intolerant … [Read more...]

Negative skin-prick tests explained

Asks a desperate mum, "I really need help. Your eBook is great, but I can't figure out why my baby has such severe eczema. Your eClinic didn't give me any new info and the skin-prick-test came back all negative – but she is scratching her face away please help me!" In my Clinic, I find that the interpretation of  negative skin-prick tests causes the most confusion. Negative skin-prick tests explained People think that this is an ‘allergy test” … [Read more...]

Ten steps to fix eczema/dermatitis

"Eczema! Dermatitis! I’m lost! Please can you help me!” cries mum.This is what Luke’s mum told to me last week in my Clinic. She was getting desperate because Luke was itching, scratching, his skin flaking off and bleeding at night. He was a mess.So, I've just organised a set of blood tests. Hopefully I can sort him out. This will follow my ten steps to fix eczema/dermatitis.How can we stop this baby getting eczema? She has beautiful … [Read more...]

Gluten disease is not a hoax

The gluten-free debate is getting hotter:  but gluten disease is not a hoax. It is the real thing. I come across “believers” and “non-believers”. But a "belief-based opinion" is not how to decide the matter.  We have to deal with the facts. Only then we can be scientific about the gluten problem. The existence of gluten-sensitivity/ gluten-intolerance is a matter of data, not of belief. Gluten disease is not a hoaxSome people … [Read more...]

Probiotics for the allergic child

Maybe I have got your attention? I hope so because accumulating evidence shows that healthy bugs in your gut is crucial for your good health, good immunity, and in the prevention of allergy. The word "probiotics" is used to describe the "good bugs" that live in our gut/colon.  Probiotics supplements have been shown to help reduce eczema in babies: they are used to prevent eczema in infants with an allergic family history.  Probiotics for the … [Read more...]

Gluten headaches and migraines

 Every one gets headaches - brain-painBillions of people complain of a sore head. Everyone at some stage suffers from headaches and migraine. It has been estimated that over a lifetime, only 1% of us escape headaches altogether. Over the course of a year, about 90% of the population will suffer from at least one headache. For migraine, nearly 20% of the population will be troubled with a migraine headache sometime in their life. … [Read more...]

Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis

I do skin-prick tests on most babies and children who I see in my Clinic. Why?Thomas’s mum said: “Knowing what foods to avoid, by the skin tests, made the world of difference.  As soon as I cut eggs out of my diet (I was breastfeeding) his skin cleared up.” Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis In my Clinic experience, skin-prick testing for foods is extremely useful. In fact it is crucial for diagnosis and understanding the problem.  I have … [Read more...]

Gluten Legs – common cause of eczema

When I first started my career as a Paediatrician, I used to feel dread when a child like this, with severe eczema all over his/her body, came into my clinic to see me.  Back then I didn’t know what to do.  I had been taught (by dermatologists) that the only thing to do was to prescribe creams, potions and steroids, in the hope that this might help – and if it didn’t help, well, just carry on with the same advice, with more of the same, or … [Read more...]

Complexities of a gluten-challenge

The Question: “How long you would recommend doing a gluten-challenge for before I get my blood test done?" "I have been gluten-free for over a year, but now I'm into my second week of the gluten-challenge (my GP said it needs 3 weeks, at 2 slices of bread a day) before testing for the gene and for anti-TTG antibodies. I'd rather stop having so much gluten as soon as possible, but without risking an unreliable diagnosis. Thanks"The … [Read more...]