Allergic to Eggs? Flu Shot OK?

New information indicates that egg-allergic patients can now get flu shots. About 20% of the population comes down with influenza every year, and vaccination is an effective strategy to prevent it. But patients with egg allergy have been told that they couldn't be vaccinated because chicken eggs are used in making vaccine. Consequently, there was theoretical concern that traces of egg protein could trigger a serious allergic reaction.But new … [Read more...]

Just let the children suffer-GERD-GORD

Just let the children suffer-GERD-GORD!  Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD, GORD)What a sad conversation this is. Every day in my clinic I am presented with distressed children and desperate parents who are told to “tough it out.”  Who are told (or inferred) that they are inadequate parents, or that their child is “just being naughty” or “going through a developmental crying stage.” Just let the children suffer-GERD-GORD One of my mums … [Read more...]