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Ten steps to fix eczema/dermatitis

"Eczema! Dermatitis! I’m lost! Please can you help me!” cries mum.This is what Luke’s mum told to me last week in my Clinic. She was getting desperate because Luke was itching, scratching, his skin flaking off and bleeding at night. He was a mess.So, I've just organised a set of blood tests. Hopefully I can sort him out. This will follow my ten steps to fix eczema/dermatitis.How can we stop this baby getting eczema? She has beautiful … [Read more...]

Gluten disease is not a hoax

The gluten-free debate is getting hotter:  but gluten disease is not a hoax. It is the real thing. I come across “believers” and “non-believers”. But a "belief-based opinion" is not how to decide the matter.  We have to deal with the facts. Only then we can be scientific about the gluten problem. The existence of gluten-sensitivity/ gluten-intolerance is a matter of data, not of belief. Gluten disease is not a hoaxSome people … [Read more...]

Probiotics for the allergic child

Maybe I have got your attention? I hope so because accumulating evidence shows that healthy bugs in your gut is crucial for your good health, good immunity, and in the prevention of allergy. The word "probiotics" is used to describe the "good bugs" that live in our gut/colon.  Probiotics supplements have been shown to help reduce eczema in babies: they are used to prevent eczema in infants with an allergic family history.  Probiotics for the … [Read more...]