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Gluten headaches and migraines

 Every one gets headaches - brain-painBillions of people complain of a sore head. Everyone at some stage suffers from headaches and migraine. It has been estimated that over a lifetime, only 1% of us escape headaches altogether. Over the course of a year, about 90% of the population will suffer from at least one headache. For migraine, nearly 20% of the population will be troubled with a migraine headache sometime in their life. … [Read more...]

Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis

I do skin-prick tests on most babies and children who I see in my Clinic. Why?Thomas’s mum said: “Knowing what foods to avoid, by the skin tests, made the world of difference.  As soon as I cut eggs out of my diet (I was breastfeeding) his skin cleared up.” Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis In my Clinic experience, skin-prick testing for foods is extremely useful. In fact it is crucial for diagnosis and understanding the problem.  I have … [Read more...]

Gluten Legs – common cause of eczema

When I first started my career as a Paediatrician, I used to feel dread when a child like this, with severe eczema all over his/her body, came into my clinic to see me.  Back then I didn’t know what to do.  I had been taught (by dermatologists) that the only thing to do was to prescribe creams, potions and steroids, in the hope that this might help – and if it didn’t help, well, just carry on with the same advice, with more of the same, or … [Read more...]

Complexities of a gluten-challenge

The Question: “How long you would recommend doing a gluten-challenge for before I get my blood test done?" "I have been gluten-free for over a year, but now I'm into my second week of the gluten-challenge (my GP said it needs 3 weeks, at 2 slices of bread a day) before testing for the gene and for anti-TTG antibodies. I'd rather stop having so much gluten as soon as possible, but without risking an unreliable diagnosis. Thanks"The … [Read more...]

Dry scaly cheeks eczema

Dry scaly cheeks eczema This baby is getting dry and scaly cheeks: an early sign of eczema. Sometimes her cheeks flare up bright red. She is being breastfed, and mum was concerned that this could be a food allergy. I was asked to see her. Her skin prick tests showed up positive to milk and egg.  Small amounts of these foods are getting through her mum's breast-milk and causing her cheeks to become red and uncomfortable. Dry scaly cheeks: … [Read more...]