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Eczema: Yes! You Can Cure It

Did you know that foods are the missing the missing piece of the eczema puzzle?Eczema: Yes! You Can Cure It. Foodsby Dr Rodney Ford MD MBBS FRACPDr Rodney Ford gives you the 10 steps to solve the eczema puzzle. He will help your eczema go away!Food reactions often cause your eczema / dermatitis Find out how to identify these triggers.Learn about a Proven System For Curing or Healing Eczema by Finding What Foods Are Causing … [Read more...]

Eczema: Gluten and Wheat

I have published my new book on gluten-related skin diseases: gluten-eczema. It tells you about my experience with gluten-ezcema over the last 35 years. I have put my heart and soul into this book that I hope will helps thousands of suffering children. Dermatitis Eczema: Gluten Wheat - The Missing Pieces In my Clinic I have been amazed that so much eczema/ dermatitis, urticaria and dermatitis goes away on a gluten zero diet.  Always get blood … [Read more...]