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Why is my tummy sore?

"I've got a sore tummy!" So many children say they have tummy pain.  I see them every day in my clinic. Is this attention seeking or actual pain? They often say: “I’ve got a sore tummy”, or “My tummy’s sore”, or "Tummy hurt", or "I've an ache in my tummy" or  "Why is my tummy sore?"This is such a common complaint that mostly these symptoms are ignored or explained away as attention seeking. However, I have found that the majority of … [Read more...]

Gluten-ZERO-Diet: change our language

My recommendation is to change the gluten-language that we have been using. The term "gluten-free" has been used for decades.  However, the meaning of words ‘gluten-free’ have been diluted.  It almost has the connotation of ‘not-much-gluten’.  It has the suggestion that ‘a-little-gluten-does-not-matter’ or ‘you-are-free-to-give-up-gluten-if-you-want-to'. I see so many parents who say that their children are 90-95% gluten -free.  But for excellent … [Read more...]

Posting blogs to Facebook

Hi, I have written a great many articles, and I have decided to start posting blogs to Facebook. Initially sending this information to the Gluten-Free-Planet (glutenZERO) Facebook page, from my website: I will be interested in feedback.Constantly there are new insights to be experienced. The Gluten ZERO life is a journey, with ups and downs. People new to the concept of gluten-free feel overwhelm, and anxiety; people … [Read more...]

FREE ebook Crack the Food Allergy Maze

Do you want an expert to help you understand food allergy/ intolerance? Well, this eBook is written for you - so that you can get to grips with the possibility of food allergy/ intolerance. FREE ebook Crack the Food Allergy Maze Dr Rodney Ford has spent his career in medicine helping people overcome their food reactions. He is a gluten and food allergy expert. He has found that in his Clinic, their are lots of people are very confused (and … [Read more...]

Web Site upgrade of eClinic

Please note: March 2015We have again upgraded the whole of the eClinic website. There could still be a few gremlins/bugs in the changeover - we have our team working on this. We will be making it an even better, and low-priced experience.We have kept the fee to just US$9.99, so that lots of people will have the opportunity of getting their individualized food allergy/intolerance help.(we charge a fee to pay for the running of this … [Read more...]