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Dr Rodney Ford’s biography

Dr Rodney Ford's biography MB BS. MD. FRACP.  Associate Professor of PediatricsDr Rodney Ford's biography will help you understand why he has written this book “Gluten Related Disorder: Sick? Tired? Grumpy?”Dr Rodney Ford is a specialist medical doctor, a pediatrician with certification in allergy and gastroenterology. (  His philosophy is “diet: not drugs”.  He has seen too many people given medications … [Read more...]

Gluten-related disorder outline

Dr Rodney Ford launched his new book in October 2014 with a series of presentations in the USAGluten-related disorder: sick? tired? grumpy?ebook available at http://www.glutenrelateddisorder.comOutline of keynote presentation by Dr Rodney FordWith over 35 years of experience as a pediatrician looking after sick children, I have come to the conclusion that much of their sickness stems from adverse reactions to the food they are … [Read more...]

Grain-free: is it a step too far?

Increasing numbers of people are adopting a grain-free lifestyle.   However, a grain-free: is it a step too far? The Paleolithic diet (Paleo/ caveman/ stone age) is promoted by many as the diet that has given them the most health benefit. The idea is to replicate the diet eaten by our ancestors, before the dawn of the agriculture era, over 10,000 years ago.  The claim is that after millions of years of evolution on this diet, our bodies are still … [Read more...]