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Serious flaw in Joint BSPGHAN and Coeliac UK Guidelines

It is my opinion that gastroenterology groups who developed diagnostic guidelines for celiac disease have forgotten that they are dealing with very real people who have significant illness.   They seem to have forgotten about the suffering of the children, the anguish of their parents, and the potential serious health implications of late diagnosis.  This is a serious flaw.I believe that attention should be focussed on early diagnosis, not … [Read more...]

Celiac disease language – please change it

Off gluten a person with celiac disease is "No longer diseased!" Celiac disease language - please change it I have been thinking about what I say to my patients. As you know, I see a lot of children and their parents who have celiac disease. However, when these people have been on a strict gluten-free diet, their celiac disease should have got completely better, and therefore they should not be called "diseased" any longer.So when I see … [Read more...]

How common is celiac disease?

Linda asks: "What do you think the "true" statistics are for celiac? I know in Canada they say 1 in 10." Thanks for the question, the answer is complex (as are most discussions concerning gluten!).  I have just looked up my old "Nelson" textbook of pediatrics which was written in 1975, that's nearly 40 years ago. There are just 2 pages devoted to celiac disease, with an estimate of celiac disease of occurring in 1-in-300 people in England and … [Read more...]

Gluten can disrupt growth hormone

Many research studies show that gluten interferers with hormones. Gluten can disrupt growth hormone. Gluten has been demonstrated to mount autoimmune reaction against the pituitary gland in the brain (your pituitary gland is responsible for the production of a number of hormones, including Growth Hormone. This autoimmune attack might cause a significant reduction in growth hormone that is crucial for proper growth in children.This is a very … [Read more...]

Who is speaking at the Gluten Summit?

Who is speaking at the Gluten Summit? I am honored to be part of this major event. Learn all about gluten related disorders and gluten harm.  Who should adopt a gluten free diet?  Should you?  Find out.    It is a "virtual" summit - online for everyone, at no charge.  But you do have to register.  The hope is that this information will be a catalyst, or tipping point, for the widespread understanding of gluten-related … [Read more...]

Another baby with gastric reflux (GORD, GERD)

Another baby with gastric reflux (GORD, GERD).Sally had been a very difficult for baby. In the first few months she had been upset, screaming all the time, very unsettled and thrashing about distressed. She would wake with inconsolable crying and be on off the breast. She was not gaining weight well. She was vomiting with most feeds.  He mother did know what to do.It turns out that Sally had gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD, GERD). … [Read more...]

A typical gluten related illness

Joseph is a typical gluten intolerant child, he is now 12 years old. He came to my clinic when he was 10 years old complaining mostly about his tummy pain. Joseph had been complaining and whinging every morning about his sore tummy. He had also had constipation, that is difficulty passing his bowel motions. He was often bloated with a tight-feeling tummy. He also had some regurgitation of acid into his mouth and felt his stomach was burning at … [Read more...]

Gluten intolerance did not show up in a blood test

Hello Dr. Ford, first of all I would like to say thank you for creating e-clinic and reaching out to patients all around the world! What a great idea. Gluten intolerance did not show up in a blood test My question is this: “If all the symptoms that are typical for gluten intolerance (tiredness, headaches, bloating, constipation, diarrhea etc) did not show up in a blood test for gluten intolerance, could these symptoms be caused by intolerance … [Read more...]