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Will my gut (bowel) recover from celiac?

Celiac disease is defined as “small bowel mucosal damage, which is reversible on a gluten free diet, in genetically predisposed people (who carrying the DQ2/DQ8 HLA gene)”. Gluten can trigger your body’s immune response that can then go onto cause this tissue gut damage.  However, this damage is slowly progressive: the longer you have been eating gluten, the worse the damage.  Of course, when you have this gluten-gut-damage, you do not absorb … [Read more...]

How long to grow out of eczema?

How long do you wait for someone to grow out of eczema?  How long do you need to wait before investigating any food triggers? How long do you watch your child suffering with eczema.I have just had a letter from a local paediatrician who wrote, "I have explained to her mother that most children with eczema do not have exacerbations related to food allergy." He went on to advise the child to eat everything and treat the damaged skin with … [Read more...]