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Bio Dr Rodney Ford. June 2013

Dr Rodney Ford,  MB. BS. MD. FRACP. Associate Professor of PediatricsDoctor Rodney Ford is a specialist medical doctor, a pediatrician with expertise in allergy and gastroenterology.His philosophy is “diet: not drugs”.  He has recognized that: “so much of our health and energy problems are the results of our poor food choices and food reactions, especially gluten.”  Too many people are given medications without considering the likely … [Read more...]

Egg Allergy – when will it go away?

Video can be viewed at Egg Allergy - when will it go away? is a question I often get asked. At the Childrens Clinic, we are often asked: When will this egg allergy go away?  Will my child ever outgrow egg allergy?  Well, the good news is that the answer is "yes!" In our studies we found that eight (80%) out of ten children with egg allergy become tolerant to egg by four or five years of age, and … [Read more...]

Gluten: ZERO Global – book intro and contents

This book is now only available as an eBook.Last year I launched my book "Gluten:ZERO Global"- the people who heard me speak and who have read the book have been enthusiastic. People keep on asking me: Why this book?  and why are you promoting ZERO?Why?  Well, every day in my Clinic I feel a sense of frustration. I see a child who has severe gastric reflux, I see another who has been suffering with … [Read more...]

Where does gluten cause damage?

Gluten can cause problems everywhereUnfortunately, gluten can play havoc everywhere in your gut. I am often asked "Where does gluten cause damage?"  Well, it also can affect you in many of your other organs. This is true whether you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (these are also called "Gluten Related Disorders").If you are sensitive to gluten, then your elegant gut mechanisms can be disrupted in many places. This is the basis … [Read more...]

Egg allergy and flu shots – video link

 Egg allergy and flu shots – can they go together? day we are getting questions at our allergy clinic from patients with children with egg allergy. They are asking “Dr Ford, can my egg allergic child have a flu vaccine?” Egg allergy and flu shots - video link As you know, flu vaccine does have a tiny amount of egg in it (just a tiny, tiny, intsy wintry bit) and they has been theoretical … [Read more...]

Probiotics can prevent eczema

We have been advocating the regular use of probiotics for eczema in our clinic for about 10 years.  Now the evidence is becoming even stronger. Convincing.A recent article summarises the situation "Prevention of eczema with probiotics seem to work until age 2 years and extended effects until 4 years have been shown in high-risk for allergy cohorts. Effects are strain-specific, with L. rhamnosus showing the most consistent effects especially … [Read more...]