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Is gluten intolerance something that can be outgrown?

Interesting question from Sue. I cover this in my "Gluten Syndrome" book. The answer is "probably no". Gluten can trigger autoimmune disease, and so can cause long-term health problems. The life history of gluten sensitivity has not been studied formally. However, my experience over that last 20 years has seen few people successfully return to eating gluten. RF … [Read more...]

Anonymous food at conference

I was at a gastroenterology conference recently (ESPGHAN). The information was excellent. However, there was anonymous food at conference tables.Although the food was excellent,  I was  disappointed about the lack of any food descriptions. I could not eat it as there was no way to know what was in it. Anonymous food at conference The food was anonymous. Anonymous food at conference means: no labels, no description, no allergen … [Read more...]