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Christchurch earthquake – glad to be alive

Hi Friends,We are now at day-5 following our last massive earthquake. Christchurch, up until 6 months ago, had not ever had a significant quake. Now it has! Christchurch earthquake - glad to be alive.My reaction has been mixed, up and down. When it struck, I was in clinic, with a patient (a little 8-month old boy with cow;s milk allergy). His mum scoped him up in her arms and dropped to the floor, protecting him. It dawned on me that this … [Read more...]

Gluten Toxic for All

Is gluten is actually toxic to all humans? Even if some don't have any symptoms, and are certain they are fine on gluten-products? But evidence is growing that "Gluten Toxic for All" is a true statement. Well, surprisingly, no-one can digest gluten. It may trigger a lot of immune diseases, it causes a lot of neurologic harm. It is also hard to know if you have been affected by gluten until it is too late to fix it (symptoms are at first … [Read more...]

Gluten sensitivity is real

Gluten sensitivity is real - so this is my response to The Gazette Montreal."Dear Sir, Gluten-sensitivity: a medically proven entity.I was disturbed to read the piece by Brian Dunning - Is gluten really something that most people should avoid? I am also a "skeptoid". However, my reading recent medical research has convinced me that gluten-sensitivity is indeed a common and serious entity.A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled … [Read more...]

When to put child gluten-free

Nicole asks: "I was diagnosed with celiac disease 10 years ago, when I was 18. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 3 years ago and I am still breastfeeding him. I initially kept him off all gluten, until he was about 14-15 months old. I started to introduce small amounts of gluten.He was probably eating gluten for about 4 months before I took him to the Dr for allergy tests, as he was reacting to something that caused a nasty blistered rash on … [Read more...]