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The purpose of the “The eClinic” is to give you a personal opinion or “consultation” with | food allergy | food intolerance | gluten intolerance | celiac. This “on-line-consultation” will give you specific guidance to follow through with your own health practitioner.

Many health practitioners feel uncertain about the diagnosis and management of food allergy and food intolerance.

“After decades of working in a food allergy |food intolerance clinic, I have found that many health professionals do not feel confident to make a food-related diagnosis. So the eClinic has been designed to help you take the next steps.”

Andrew writes: “Thanks for the eClinic. It’s marvellous having such a useful resource that’s backed by so much hard research and experience. We might make some progress at last. By the way, I’m an IT consultant so I understand the teething problems with any complex software based endeavour. Thanks.”

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You get Dr Ford’s immediate expert guidance online using this eClinic, including his professional advice on: food allergy | food intolerance | gluten | celiac.

eClinic Information Disclaimer

The information provided on this website should be regarded as a self-educational service, not as a replacement for the advice and care of your own doctor/ medical practitioner.

  • Any diagnostic or treatment advice provided here should be used in association with input from your own medical practitioner.
  • If at any time you think that you, or your children, may have a medical condition requiring treatment, you should always consult your own medical practitioner.
  • The eClinic does not have any patients

 Dr Ford explains about the online eClinic

Dr Rodney Ford can help you. He is a medical doctor.  He is a food allergy specialist. He has spent years setting up and improving the eClinic so that he can give you immediate on-line help (for a small fee of only US$9.99 – the less than the price his Books sell for).

On-going common symptoms

If you or your children have chronic symptoms such as:

  • Eczema/ dermatitis (itchy and scratchy skin)
  • Tummy troubles (gastric reflux, sore tummies, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating)
  • Brain things (being cranky, irritable and behavior troubles)

… then think about the possibility of this being: a food allergy |or  a food intolerance |or  a gluten reaction | or celiac disease.

All you have to do is (the process):

  1. Just put in your symptoms (on your computer keyboard) when you get asked your questions (There could be up to a 100 questions – this depends on how many symptoms and food issues you have).
  2. You get an immediate eReport from the eClinic to take to your own doctor.
  3. Your doctor can read it with you, and help you organize any tests that you might need.
  4. Later (in a few weeks), when you have your tests results, you put these results into your computer.
  5. This gives you another detailed eReport: your specific interpretation of those blood test results … and specific suggestions of you what you can do to get better again.

Good value for money

Most people say it is great value for money (only US$9.99). Compared to a private consultation that would cost over $300.
So the eClinic costs less that 4% of a face-to-face consultation.

And, you also get FREE copies of 2 Food Allergy ebooks (see items 4 and 5: your FREE purchase code will be given to you in your first email from the eClinic).

  1. Also, you get your own individualized medical recommendations to diagnose and manage possible food allergy | intolerance | gluten and celiac issues.
  2. Also, once you have completed the eClinic, Dr Ford also offers limited discussions by email and on Facebook.
  3. Or, you can buy our informative print books (for around $20) from our website shop.
  4. Or, you can buy the ebook Food Allergies: What Symptoms?   (all you should know about food allergy/ intolerance) for just $4.95.
  5. Or,  buy the ebook Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started   (Get practical useful food/feeding help: What foods to avoid? What foods are safe?) for $4.95.

People find it useful

We have already helped a lot of people work out if their symptoms might be from a food allergy | intolerance.

Hi Dr Ford, I have taken part in your eClinic which I found very useful in understanding more about what is happening for my baby at the moment.” Melissa.
Read what others have written about their experience with the eClinic.
You can also get my help to make your own diagnosis online. The purpose of the eClinic is to help you get a diagnosis.

Looking forward to helping you

by Dr Rodney Ford