The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm? – eBook

eBook - The Gluten Syndrome - by Dr Rodney Ford
The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm?  
Price: $9.99 USD.  31440 words.  Published on May 8,2011.  

Gluten suffers now have a name for their problem: The Gluten Syndrome. A must read book for patients and professionals.

Dr. Ford explains:

  • How/why gluten can affect you
  • Why the tests for celiac disease can often miss those ill from gluten
  • This book goes “outside the gut”
  • How every body part can be affected.
  • The evidence that gluten harms brains and nerves.
  • How to recognize children who are “Sick, Tired and Grumpy”

This book should be of  help to you.

These illnesses are also called “gluten-related disorders”

You can download this eBook from the Smashwords website.