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Dr-Rodney-Ford Crack food allergy maze

Do you want an expert to help you understand food allergy/ intolerance? Well, this eBook is written for you - so that you can get to grips with the possibility of food allergy/ intolerance. FREE ebook Crack the Food Allergy Maze Dr Rodney Ford has spent his career in medicine helping people overcome their food reactions. He is a gluten and food allergy expert. He has found that in his Clinic, their are lots of people are very confused (and … [Read more...]

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We need to charge bulk-postage-charges, because print books cost varying amounts for us to post to you.So, if you are ordering in bulk (more that 2 books), we will ask you to pay a postage surcharge. We will negotiate/ quote this with you by email.Please would you pay for your additional postage by selecting the agreed price. Thank youby  Rodney Ford   … [Read more...]

Gluten-Related Disorder book

Book: Gluten Related Disorder

Dr Rodney Ford believes that we are all at risk from eating gluten: any person, any symptom, any time! In his Gluten-Related Disorder book, he presents stories of 50 families severely affected by gluten. He asks: “Is eating gluten really worth the risk?This is available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon       Available in print for $20Gluten-Related-Disorder-sick-tired-grumpy … [Read more...]

Gluten-related disorders: the book covers

Gluten attacks brains and nerves

"Gluten-related disorders" is the new category name for diseases and symptoms that are caused or triggered by gluten.I have been writing about this for the last 15 years. It is now clear that about 10% of the populations suffers from the harmful effects of gluten - but most are unaware of it.  However, more and more people are adopting a gluten-free lifestyle and noticing the difference.  Also, only 10% of existing victims of celiac disease … [Read more...]

“Full of it” – gluten totally messes with brain chemistry

"I'm so very glad to see a medical professional who gets it! For years I have felt that gluten totally messes with your brain chemistry, but I'm just a lay person and it is only my on experience that I can go on. But the premiss that you propose in your book, "Full of It", gives thorough, thoughtful and medically substantiated proof of this theory.Just think how many lives could be saved if the world at large were to grasp this … [Read more...]

Gluten: ZERO Global – Print book

Gluten: ZERO Global by Dr-Rodney-Ford

Dr Ford's challenging book was released on 14 Sept 2012 in Seattle.Print book price US$20 plus postageDr (Professor) Rodney Ford emphatically declares: “Gluten is bad for us all!”  Yes, you read that right - bad for you, bad for him, and bad for everyone else!  This is a bold statement to make.  However, he claims that there is now enough evidence about the harm of wheat/gluten for us all to demand massive changes to our diet, our farming … [Read more...]

Gluten: ZERO Global – eBook

Dr-Rodney-Ford Gluten: ZERO Global

 "Gluten: ZERO Global - bad for us all."ebook is available for purchase on "Smashwords".the Print Book available: Price USD $20.00 + $10 postage.Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford emphatically declares: “Gluten is bad for us all!” Yes, you read that right - bad for you, bad for him, and bad for everyone else!  This  implies that the whole world should avoid gluten.This is a bold statement to make.  However, he says that … [Read more...]

The Energy Effect – eBook

Dr-Rodney -Ford Energy Effect

The Energy Effect: How to Create more Energy in your Life. Price: $2.99 USD. Published  2012.Do you lack time or energy?Do you struggle to keep going all day?The Energy Effect - eBook This ebook gives you complete answers on how to re-energize your life. Including:The right foods Weight control Cravings Thought awareness Your relationships Act decisively Have more fun!Dr Ford, food and … [Read more...]

Gluten Brains – eBook

Dr-Rodney-Ford Gluten Brains

Gluten Brains: the brain–grain connection. Price: $2.99 USD. Published 2012.  Dr Rodney Ford.Yes, brains and nerves can get damaged by gluten. Medical research reveals that gluten commonly causes:Nerve damage, Brain disease, Mental disturbance, Learning disorders, Fatigue, Poor growth.But most sufferers from gluten-harm remain completely unaware of it! Read the stories of gluten-suffering and ‘miracle cures’ by … [Read more...]

Eczema! Cure It! – book review

Dr Ron Hoggan Eczema! Cure It! book review

It has been my distinct pleasure to apply the principles and steps, as outlined in Dr. Rodney Ford's new book, Eczema Cure It! to my work with many of my clients and readers who experience eczema. All of these adult clients who tried this process have reported dramatic improvements in their eczema just from following Dr. Ford's steps. This very readable new book launched upon the ocean of eczema-driven despair may stem the tide of this … [Read more...]