Does my child need a vitamin/mineral supplement?

Most children with ill health, allergies, tummy problems or feeding difficulties will benefit from a high quality supplement. Many children with gut problems do not absorb minerals so well. Iron and zinc deficiency is very common.
Excellent micro-nutrition makes healthy Children.
Children need sufficient MINERALS:
especially: Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium.

Children need sufficient VITAMINS:
especially: Vitamin A,  B, C, D, E and folate

For example, osteoporosis in old age leads to broken bones and serious disability. If they won’t or can’t take dairy products, then other sources are needed: Soy milk or Rice milk (fortified with calcium) or supplements are necessary. Sometimes they also need a calcium supplement.

Iron deficiency is very common. It is important to check the blood for ferritin. An iron supplement can make a big difference.
It is a good ideas to give supplements in the form as a multi-vitamin mineral supplement.