Often caused by food allergies

From investigating and treating children (and adults) in the Clinic, Dr Ford has found, like other allergy specialists, that most childhood eczema is related to food allergy.




Eczema on the face is usually food allergy.

Food allergy – especially dairy, eggs and gluten – can be the trigger. And because the trigger can be discovered, this means that their eczema can be cured! So it is worthwhile doing the tests.

Discover your eczema triggers 

Did you know that:

  • Most eczema is triggered by a food allergy or intolerance.
  • Children are affected more by food allergy than grown-ups.
  • Common food allergens can be tested for.
  • Eczema can usually be effectively treated.
  • You can even “cure” eczema.

Dr Ford sees hundreds of children with eczema. Their parents don’t want yet more creams prescribed – they desperately want a cure. Fortunately, most times they can be helped. You are invited to have a “virtual” consultation with The eClinic This will help you identify the possible triggers and get help on treatment.





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